1080p home theater projectors under $1000

by Jane on December 19, 2014

The following reports on the best 1080p home theater projectors for under $1000. The information was researched and models tested in late 2014 (December). The models reviewed here are expected to remain the top rated at the $1000 or less price point well into the year 2015. When new deserving models are release they will be added to our rankings.

Be aware of what you are buying

There are hundreds of projectors on the market to choose from, all of which were designed for specific purposes. What we rate here fall into the home theater category. You don’t want to buy a projector made for business presentation if your goal is to view movies at home or watch high definition TV at home on the big screen.

We are rating models under $1000 that are specifically designed for viewing home movies and high-definition TV.

#1 Best in class 

There are many of cheap home movie projectors to choose from that will leave you very disappointed. If you want the one that will give you the most detailed images, life-like colors and bright enough to get the images to the screen even when the lights are on then the BenQ HT1075  in our opinion is the best overall choice for under $1000.

BenQ HT series HT1075 review

The BenQ HT1075

Each the model we list in this review have their own strengths and weaknesses when compared side-by-side. However, we need to give the nod to the BenQ HT1075 as the best overall.

See the best price and read what others have to say about this model

#2 Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030

The Epson 2030 is a model from the very successful and trusted line Epson PowerLite projectors, specifically designed to enhance home movie viewing experience. The Epson 2030 was the first of its kind.  It was the first model to hit the market for under $1000 that supported 3 LCD technology. Before it came along, all the other low cost models had been DLP projectors.

Even though it was the first, it’s still going strong. See the video below to get a great review on the features of this model.   

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 1080p Price

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030

The following video review covers all the specifics and details you need to know about the features provided:
If you need to know more. Read what we think are the pros and cons of the Epson 2030.

#3  InFocus IN8606HD

The company InFocus, their name is definitely not as recognizable the other larger companies but their IN8606HD  model has been very well received. Learn what current owners say are the pros and cons of this model.

InFocus IN8606HD DLP Projector review

InFocus IN8606HD DLP Projector review

InFocus may not be as large or well known as other companies but they do have a very devoted following. We have came across many people who have bought

#4 Optoma HD26 

The color contrast this model is capable of is amazing a 25,000:1 ratio. This means the darkest colors appear 25,000 times darker than the lightest colors on the screen. Read our review. This high contrast does a lot to enhance the viewing experience.

Optoma HD26

Optoma HD26

What else we like about the Optoma HD26? This is a great deal for a quality 1080p movie projector.

Most projectors at the under $1000 price have factory default settings which can’t be changed. The HD26 model allows you to go into the settings and change the image properties to best fit the room/environment you will be viewing in.

#5  Viewsonic PJD7820HD

This is the cheapest model on our list. 


ViewSonic PJD7820HD

ViewSonic PJD7820HD

We hope to expand on these rankings and view in the future. BUT it’s currently almost 3 AM. We are very confident these 5 projectors listed are currently the best value for home theater under 1000.

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