Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector Review

by Jane on October 12, 2015

The Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector was first revealed in the summer of 2015 and scheduled to start shipping in September of this year. This is a 1080p LCD high definition model with a ton of different features and connectivity ports. If you are wondering about this model we will review what we like and also any weaknesses that might not make it the greatest choice for certain room environments.

Our first experience with the picture quality of this model was watching the Georgia at Tennessee football game on October 10th, 2015. We mention this for people wondering how it handles fast moving motion. We experienced very little to zero motion blur while watching the game.

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While we didn’t hook it up to a gaming console (PS4, Xbox) the lack of motion blur that we experienced while watching the football game should translate well for fast moving games, as well as, fast moving action movies.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1440 review

Exceptional White and Color Brightness

Before going further into what we liked or disliked.

Basics to know – Specifications 

  • High Definition 1080p resolution
  • Brightness – 4400 lumens of both white and color brightness
  • Contrast Ratio 10,000:1
  • LCD Projector
  • Aspect Ratio 16:10
  • Keystone Correction
  • Zoom Lens 1-1.6 ratio
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • 16W built in speakers

The above are some of the more important specifications of the Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector.

Impressive brightness – Destroys ambient light

Is a projector bright enough, is always a major question and concern. Epson is well known for producing some of the brightest projectors in the business. The 1440 home cinema model doesn’t disappoint in this area. Providing 4400 lumens of both white and color brightness.

Epson 1440 projector review

Epson 1080p LCD Projector for Home Movies and Entertainment 

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Epson color brightness

If brightness is a major concern you probably already know to look for the number of lumen in the product description or specifications. Something you may not know is the lumen ratings you will find are almost always measuring the “white brightness”, which for most people, especially those buying a projector for home movies/entertainment this is not sufficient information.

Another measurement of lumen that you will want to look for is called, “color brightness” this may also be listed as color light output or CLO in the product description and specifications.

Not to get too technical on defining the property, it’s actually a measure of illuminance not brightness but still important to know. Basically how bright your eye will perceive the colors being projected.

To our knowledge

Currently in 2015 Epson is the only company that lists both whit and color brightness in their specifications. As mentioned above the Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector has a rating of 4400 lumen for both.

How did it preform in the dark vs in the light? This projector preformed beautifully with both TV and movies. Whether using it with the lights off and at night or during the day with light shining through the windows there’s little noticeable difference.

Loaded with connections in the rear

Here’s a look at the different ports you will find on the backside. If you are wondering if this model includes a certain port that you must have, we think the image below is pretty easy to read. It’s includes just about every port imaginable.

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Epson 1440 home movie projector


Includes just about every port imaginable.

External device connections

The above image shows the ports included on this model and obviously these different ports will used to connect to any external device. Maybe you are wondering about a specific device (GOPRO, Digital Camera, Tablet, PC, etc). The image below is a little more specific as to what exactly what the Epson 1440 will connect to.

Looking at the image you can see it can connect with a broad range of external devices, from desktop and laptops to tablets and smart phones to digital cameras and BLU-RAY and DVD.

It also connects to pretty much any gaming console (PS4, XBOX) and to content streaming AMAZON FIRE TV, APPLE TV, ROKU. NetFlix isn’t found on the graph but yes it does connect to NetFlix as well.

Epson 1440 projector external devices

Can it connect

Notice the asterisk next to the smartphone in the image above. We are fairly sure the adapter required is referring to the Apple iPhone, not Android or another brand.

This is fairly common when connecting Apple devices to non Apple devices, an adapter is usually involved. Requiring you to pay extra money, that’s pretty nice of Apple but anyways…

Epson 1440 projector – Conclusion

Will there be complaints?

We tested this model in our home and wrote this review before the Epson 144o projector had made it into the hands of many consumers. So as of now there’s not a lot of feedback from customers.

In the near future, we have no doubt we will see people writing comments/reviews on different sites expressing extreme satisfaction but we are also sure there will be others complaining about their purchase.

We have been using and reviewing projectors for quite some time now, overall we believe this model will be well received and satisfy the majority of people who buy it. We suspect after some time on the market it will drop in price and become even more popular.

Can we complain about anything? Yes of course. just as we could find things to complain about with any model. We wish it was a little smaller in dimensions, we wish it weighed less…

If we had to pick a top complaint?  Although we did enjoy the picture quality while watching the Georgia at Tennessee football game, it performed great with the bright colors of the jersey, field and the fans in the seats. However, after the game we did use it to view a movie.

It may be our eyes, but we felt it under-performed in very dark scenes. The black levels were not terrible but we felt they were a bit lacking and not deep enough.

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nagaraju April 25, 2017 at 9:30 am

this 1440 projector how much cost


Jane April 25, 2017 at 12:34 pm

Hi nagaraju, since prices change month to month or even more frequently we hate to mention or promise a set price. We would recommend you visit a few different online vendors (Amazon, BestBuy, and compare prices.


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