200 inch image, too big? – iRulu BL20 1080P HD 3D Projector

by Jane on October 14, 2016

TheĀ iRulu BL20 1080P HD 3D Projector has become a popular inexpensive home movie projector choice in late 2016-2017. One of the major reason people are buy this model is the affordable price and because they want a larger screen image for movies and gaming compared what their current HDTV provides.

We have reviewed this model but still specific questions on specifications and performance are asked. One question we have receive more than a few times is on the size of the screen image this model is able to produce.

The quick answer. The iRulu BL20 is capable of producing an image between 32 and 200 diagonal inches. Undoubtedly, the 200-inch maximum image size will by far outdo the screen size of the average HDTV you find.

But there is something you will want to consider before you set this model up to produce this maximum 200-inches.

How far is too far?

What you will need to consider is image quality.

  • At 1.2 meters or about 4 feet from the screen the iRulu BL20 projector will produce a 32-inch diagonal screen image.
  • At 6 meters or 19 feet from the screen the projector is capable of producing a 200-inch screen image.

Now about image quality.

Just because the iRulu BL20 can produce a 200-inch image this does not mean this will provide you with the best quality image possible with this model. From our experience testing this model the 200-inch image was only suitable when using it in a dark room with very little ambient light.

From our experience, moving the projector closer to the screen between 12 to 15 feet, increased the image quality. Yes, you will sacrifice some image size but you will still get well over a 100-inch image and the image quality will be improved.

The room environment you set-up the iRulu BL20 HD projector will differ from the room environment we tested it in. For the best movie viewing and gaming experience in your environment we suggest experimenting with it at different distances to get the best image quality vs, screen screen.

If you need more information on this model visit our overall review page to find information on different specifications, such as: resolution, colors, contrast, lamp life, connectivity and more.


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