3LCD vs single chip DLP – colors and Epson 1040 Home cinema projector

by Jane on September 17, 2016

We write complete reviews but we also receive questions pertaining to individual attributes of specific projector models. Today, we will response to a question asked on the color display of the Epson 1040 home cinema projector and provide you with our thoughts on how it compares in color display with other projectors at its current price point in 2016.

The short answer, very competitive, if not superior in colors compared to the majority. Read on to learn why we feel this way.

epson 1040 home cinema projector and colors

The answer is simple 3LCD vs DLP

Although both 3LC and DLP technology have their advantages and disadvantages. Which wins in the realm of best colors? Epson 3LCD or the single chip technology of DLP?

Some people may wonder why we are comparing a 3LCD projector to a single chip DLP projector. Saying this is an unfair comparison. Why are we not comparing 3LCD to 3 chip DLP?

We will tell you why. The Epson 1040 3LCD home cinema projector is also high definition 1080p resolution. Since resolution is probably the most important factor for image quality, we are looking at other projectors available that are also 1080p resolution in the same price point point as the Epson 1040 3LCD.

Unless you want to tell us we are wrong (leave a comment) the other projectors at this price point that are 1080p resolution are also single chip DLP projectors. So this is why the (3LCD vs single chip DLP) comparison makes sense here.

And we also stated above, each of these technologies have advantages and disadvantages.

The odds say the Epson 1040 3LCD has better colors

If you are only a casual reader here, trying to decide, get ideas on which projector to purchase, you would be surprised at how much the statement above would anger some hardcore DLP projectorphiles.

I have been in these debates at certain forum and YOUTUBE video comment sections. They say you can’t compare the color output of 3LCD to a single chip DLP. But the truth is I can compare these two. Because my comparison is narrowed down based on price and 1080p resolution.

So when you factor in price and resolution the vast majority of DLP projectors available to compare with the Epson 1040 are single chip DLP.

The fact that it has better colors is especially important to those buying a projector for home movie viewing. 

If you would rather follow along with what the following video has to say on this topic or you can read our explanation that follows.

Basically, with the older 1 chip DLP technology, colors are produced by passing a single beam of light through a spinning color wheel. On the other hand, with the 3LCD technology used in the Epson 1040 projector, colors are produced by combining three beams of light to project an image.

The newer technology of using three beams of light for colors wins hands down when compared to passing a single beam of light through a spinning color wheel which is the method used in single chip DLP projectors.

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