AAXA P300 Pico Projector Review

by Jane on May 10, 2015

2015: Best Mini Projector under $400

Since it’s release the AAXA p300 pico projector has been one of the top selling and most positively reviewed mini models. It runs on DLP technology and uses a LED light source, “The World’s Brightest Battery Powered HD Projector!”

Writing this review in 2015, means the AAXA p300 pico projector has been around for a couple years, newer technology has hit the market since. The P300 still holds great value, especially since the price has been reduced. But if you prefer the most up to date technology we suggest checking out the Optoma ML500 or the 3M Mobile Projector.

AAXA P300 Pico Micro LED Projector with HDMI

AAXA P300 Pico Micro LED Projector

The price: $380

What people buy it for: Business and classroom presentations, home movies.

Brightness and screen size 

Compared to other mini projectors in the under $400 price range the level of brightness supplied by the AAXA P300 is superior. This allows the model to produce a high contrast, sharp 120 inch screen image in low levels of ambient light.

Of course the projector alone is not the only factor to consider if you want the best image possible. It’s also important to use a highly reflective screen.

Full video review

The video below is a bit long (15 minutes) but the host is somewhat entertaining and supplies great information on this model.

Use it anywhere – truly portable

This next feature makes this pico projector truly unique. What is the point of being able to carry a projector in your hand if you can’t use it easily everywhere you go?

To turn on and use, the vast majority of models require a DC power cable being plugged into the wall to supply the power.

If you happen to be in an environment where there is no reachable power outlet with most other mini projector you would be out of luck. However, the AAXA p300 pico projector has a built in battery with 60 minutes of charge.

Buying a model with a built in battery might be something you want to consider.

How many hours of lamp life

When a projector bulb or lamp goes dead this is both an annoyance and expensive. If it goes dead as you are giving an important presentation that’s annoying. Paying $100-200 for a replacement is a shame.

The average lamp life is probably around 4000 – 5000 hours. The AAXA p300 pico projector has a LED light source that provides 15,000 hours of life.

AAXA p300 pico projector -review

If you are reading this review in 2015 this models has been around for a couple of years.At the time of it’s release a couple years back it was the best projector for the price.

Technology advances fast. There have definitely been better (but more expensive) projectors brought to the market over the past two years. Two examples are the Optoma ML500 and the 3M Mobile Projector.

But keep in mind the models mentioned above are much more expensive. Since it’s release the price of the AAXA p300 pico projector in 2015 has cam down to under $400. At this price point it is the best choice.

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