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Who are we and why did we decide to start this website? We are two guys with engineering degrees both graduating in 2011. Specifically, one of us has a degree with the main focus being electronics and the other in optoelectronic devices.

Why did we decide to take on the challenge of producing a website? We are both goal orientated and we both were not satisfied with our current employment. We are not satisfied with the level of responsibility we are given, we also are not satisfied with our development and advancement at our current place of employment.

Please don’t interpret what’s stated above as us whining. We don’t believe we are owed anything just because we have college degrees. This is why we took on the challenge of making this website.

Why can’t we do it?

Do you know there are thousands of websites making hundreds if not thousands dollars a day, simply by providing information? Here’s a list to prove it.

We don’t ever expect to be as successful as the websites listed in the link above, we are only a two-man team. We also don’t know a whole lot about web design so our site will never be as pleasing to the eye as the top websites with expert designers.

Even if we could be a small fraction as successful as these big sites it would be a huge success in our lives. We also thought building and reviewing products related to our employment could also be a resume builder to help further our careers.

If you are reading this as a parent. If you are concerned about your child’s future and want to keep them ahead of the game,why not encourage them to create their own website? This would be a great addition to their resume when they go into a job interview.

It demonstrates technical skills. Most of the people who they interview with will be absolutely clueless on how to create a website. It’s also likely the other candidates interviewing for the position will also be clueless.

Another advantage it provides is it allows them to show expertise in what they write about on their webpages.

Guess what? It’s not hard to get a website up and running. Today, a person can simply upload a template, there’s no coding involved.

The hardest thing about building a website is researching and writing.

Another advantage

While there are 1000’s of different scams promising big bucks with little work, believe it or not, making money online is completely possible. Take a look around our site. For example, on this page.

If you looked at the page linked above, maybe you clicked on one of the projectors images or text links on this page?  If you did then you noticed the links take you to AMAZON.

If someone were to buy something after clicking our link to AMAZON then we would get paid a certain percent on the purchase. We are not trying to scam or spam people. We test products and then writing honest reviews. If someone finds our information useful then we profit a little.

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Steven Bolden December 24, 2016 at 4:50 pm

I was needing assistance in locating a manufacturer online. I own a Crenova XPE 350 projector with a bad lamp. Do you know the contact information for Crenova?


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