Acer C120 portable pico projector review

by Jane on January 31, 2016

The Acer C120 DLP portable pico projector weighs under a half pound with dimensions (in inches) 4.7 x 3.2 x 1.0 and provides a resolution level of WVGA (854 x 480) it’s small enough to hold in your hand and probably fit into one of your pockets. It’s definitely portable.

This model first hit the market at the beginning of 2012. This review is being written in 2016. Looking at the different pico projectors on the market today (2016) this “older” Acer model does not rank as one of the best.

However, certain strengths do exist, for example, it provides good brightness and is capable of producing a 100 inch screen image. While it can’t compare to other newer models, taking it’s strengths into consideration along with its current low price it does provide value to someone who is buying on a tight budget.

Why a review four years late?

Acer C120 mini projector review

Acer C120 DLP Pico Projector

So why in 2016 are we writing a review on a projector that has been around since 2012? Didn’t we sort of missed the boat on when it was a more popular model? Yes, but due to its affordability people are still searching for information on and buying this model. And we feel we have some important information to add.

The main reason for this review now – after reading information on the C120 on other sites and watching a few video reviews on YOUTUBE, we noticed certain important information on the model’s functionality was left out or not clearly defined.

Important to know before buying

What most reviewers do mention is this Acer pico projector only provides a USB port for connectivity (USB: 3.0, 2.0, Mirco-B) to external devices and that there is no HDMI port for connectivity. So whatever external device you may have been planning to connect with and use, make sure it also has a USB port.

But there’s more you should be aware of. Across the board the information we have read fails to mention this model doesn’t not work with either Mac OS or Android systems. Connectivity is restricted to external devices running on Windows Software.

If your plan was to use this projector by connecting it to a laptop which runs on Windows then you won’t have a problem. The model can produce a 100-inch image and it does provide good brightness. While we would not recommend the Acer C120 projector to people giving PowerPoint presentation in large venues/rooms, its not a bad option for presentations in smaller rooms.

Note: We say this model provides good brightness for presentations in small rooms. To be more specific It does provide good brightness for a pico model. What you should expect if you are able to set this model up 6-10 feet from the screen 

Other information not addressed –  Since we did not find information on connectivity to gaming consoles. If you are thinking of buying the Acer C120 pico projector for gaming don’t. This model is not compatible with popular gaming systems such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Acer c120 pico projector a good choice?

Who would we recommend this model to? Well, as mentioned already, we definitely would not advise individuals who are wanting to buy a pico projector to connect it to an external device which runs on Mac OS or Android systems.  This would be a mistake.

Also, don’t buy this projector if you will require a HDMI port for connectivity to a specific device. As we said above, this model only includes a USB port for connectivity.

Lastly, if you are a gamer looking for a portable model for gaming on the Xbox or PlayStation this model will not accept the signals from these consoles.

So if you are badly in need of any of the features mention (which the Acer c120 lacks) then this is positively not  good choice for you.

Who would it make sense for? Any person on a budget looking for a bright pico projector to hook up to a laptop that runs on Windows software. In the past we know of different people who have bought this model for both viewing movies and also for business and classroom presentations.

For viewing movies, realize this is not a high-definition resolution model.  There’s nothing amazing to talk about in the picture quality. But it is capable of producing a 100-inch image which is probably larger than the vast majority of people’s TV screen. So screen/image size is a plus.

Business and classroom presentations, this is probably the use we like most. This is a good inexpensive fit for someone needing a portable to hook up to a laptop running on Windows software to perform PowerPoint presentations.

For movies, we mentioned above the resolution is not high definition so this might make it undesirable for some people, however when it comes to presentations like those done with PowerPoint these rarely need to be done in high definition.   

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