Affordable Epson Presentation Projector – Video Review

by Jane on January 12, 2016

If you are currently looking for an affordable presentation projector, Epson the leading manufacture in projectors is a good place to start your search. They produce a ton of different models suitable for business and classroom presentations in various price ranges.

Here we want to show a couple useful video reviews on the Epson VS230 SGVA LCD model. In 2016, this is our top recommendation in the for presentation projectors in the around $400 price range.

The VS230 does have strengths and weaknesses. If after watching the following review video you aren’t impressed we still recommend checking out the different models Epson has to offer. A link to their company’s website.

Before the video we mentioned this model had certain strengths and weaknesses. First, we will mention a weakness. If you are looking for a high definition resolution projector this is not going to be a good fit for you. The resolution level of this model is SGVA (800 x 600).

We say this is a weakness but for the price this is about the standard resolution you will find. If you are looking to buy an affordable presentation projector just realize higher resolution models will cost more.

Also, if the main use will be presentations… This will probably include showing a lot of text, graphs and charts??? Being able to show images in high definition probably isn’t the main concern or most presenters.

What we are trying to say here, yes, the Epson VS230 SGVA LCD projector doesn’t provide the best resolution but it’s good enough to show text and graphs on the screen.

Strengths of the Epson VS230

This is an affordable presentation projector in the $400 price range for 2016. The six bullet points below are the areas we believe it either outshines most of the similarly priced competing models.

  • Brightness
  • Colors
  • Contrast
  • Connectivity
  • Portable
  • Easy set-up

Epson is well know for making “bright” projectors, with excellent colors and contrast. This model also has HDMI and USB connectivity ports which are great assets to have when making a presentation school classrooms and businesses. With the USB port, this allows you to save your presentation on a USB stick, plug it in so you can do your presentation without the need of a laptop.

If this model isn’t a good fit for you then we would highly recommend you visit the Epson website to discover what else they have to offer for the classroom and conference room.

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