Affordable Optoma HD142 1080p projector reviewed and compared

by Jane on September 2, 2016

For those looking to buy an affordable 1080p resolution home movie projector in 2016, a new model you will want to be aware of is the Optoma HD142X projector released this past July (2016).

Before July, if you were to have asked for a recommendation on an inexpensive 1080p home movie model it’s very likely the Optoma HD141X (Amazon Price and Reviews) would have been mentioned. Not the best model on the market but provides the value of high definition at a low price. Another model might have been the BenQ w1070. Both of these are still viable options. However, the new HD142X model which we will review here includes many areas of improvement over the HD141X.

See how we compare the HD141X vs. BenQ w1070

Areas of improvement over its sibling

As we said above, the Optoma HD141X is still a viable option but its worth reviewing some of the improved features of the Optoma HD142X (see below).

Optoma HD142X projector review

What’s better with this model – vs the HD141X?

Both are 1080p high definition resolutions. While this is important for picture quality it is not the only deciding factor of overall quality. What the HD142X model provides:

  • This model has improved contrast (contrast ratio of 23,000:1).
  • Incorporates Rec 709 HDTV spec colors.
  • Longer lamp life (8000 hours).
  • New Optical lens
  • Brightness of 3000 lumens
  • 3D playback

See Amazon price and customer feedback on this product

Improved colors impress the most

As we mentioned, we compared the Optoma HD141X vs. BenQ w1070. You don’t need to read this, we will tell you which model won. The BenQ.

The major reason why? Although the Optoma HD141X is very bright and looks better in a well-lite room, however, when the lights are turn down the BenQ w1070 exhibits superior color display.

What impressed us the most about the new Optoma HD142X projector was the much improved color display over the older HD141X model. This improvement can credited to the incorporation of Rec 709 HDTV spec colors and we also must give credit to the new optical lens included with this model which greatly enhances the sharpness of the colors seen on screen.

How do the colors compare to the BenQ w1070? The best way to truly compare these is by side by side projection of the image. We have not had the chance to do this with these two models. From memory our opinion is the BenQ narrowly exhibits a better color display.

If you are on a budget and only want to spend a certain amount of money, we suggest comparing the prices of these two models. And also look around for more information on the colors of the HD142X vs BenQ w1070 different projector review sites.

Contrast is definitely better than the BenQ w1070 

What exactly is contrast? As it pertains to a projectors image, this would be how dark the darkest colors or shades (black and grays) appear when compared to whites and lighter colors. This makes details of images POP!

This quality is measure by Contrast ratio. The HD142X has a huge contrast ratio of 23,000:1. This basically means on the screen “black” will appear 23,000 times darker than white. The w1070 has a respectable but lower by far contrast ratio of 13,000:1.

Three more reasons to buy the Optoma HD142X projector

Lamp life of 8,000 hours, the older HD141X only provides 6,500 hours of lamp life and the w1070 provides even less 6,000 hours. Lamp life may not be the most important quality but it’s still nice to receive an extra 1,500 to 2,000 hours of home move viewing before needing to spend the money on a replacement.

Connectivity it provides to HDMI ports which means you will be able to connect to most every device you need (HDTV, laptop, DVD, Blu-ray etc, etc) but it also includes MHL connectivity. With MHL this means this means you will be able to connect to other mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet to play games, stream movies and look at photos on the big screen.

Price at Amazon

Overall opinion on this new affordable 1080p resolution projector in 2016 

Its up to you to decide but if you are looking in 2016 for an affordable 1080p high definition projector, we would highly recommend the adding the Optoma HD142X projector to your list of models to consider.

You should also add the other models we have mentioned throughout this review, the Optoma HD141X and BenQ w1070. See these two compared side-by-side.

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