Any small mini portable projectors have good speakers

by Jane on March 14, 2017

This review on small portable projectors with the best speakers was written in 2017. So if you have landed on this page in a later year you may want to do further research since technology has surely advanced.

This is what we will say about speaker quality you will find in mini portable projectors.

Although some decent choices have recently reached market (XGIMI H1), but for the most part, if you are looking for high quality sound output from the built-in speakers of a tiny projector you are probably fighting a battle you can not win.

Small vs Speaker Sound Quality

Realistically, if you look at any high quality speaker, you are bound to notice performance is related to size. Even the best and smallest speakers available will be equal or greater in size than many of the mini projectors you might want to buy.

Above we mentioned the XGIMI H1 projector. This model comes with Harmon Kardon speakers. We highly recommend this model to people who are wanting great sound in a smallish projector.

We say, “smallish” because the XGIMI H1 (dimensions: 7.9 x 7.9 x 4.7; weight: 4.6 pounds) is not the super ultra tiny model some people are wanting to buy. But we will say this, size vs speaker quality, this is probably the best current choice in 2017.

Another option is a jack

If having high quality audio is important to you then you best bet is to make sure the mini projector that you do end up buying has at least a 1/8″ inch mini stereo output jack.

Having this 1/8″ jack will allow you to plug in any speaker(s) that also have a 1/8″ jack. I know you probably would rather not carry another item with you but by making sure the projector you buy has at last a 1/8 inch jack will provide you with many options for audio.

For example, most any set of computer speakers you may have at home will plug into this jack or if you have previously bought portable speakers to use with your phone these should also work.

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kate March 24, 2017 at 5:46 pm

UO Smart Beam laser is my choice when it comes to portable projectors because of it’s resolution and battery life. In this era of busy life these portable projectors are great for offices and for students.


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