ASUS S1 LED Projector Review

by Jane on June 29, 2015

Beautiful mini projector but how does it perform

Learn how we rate the performance in the following review. So far in 2015 a few new mini or pico projector models have hit the market garnering many positive remarks from customers and electronic shows a like. One is the ASUS S1 LED Projector (Price: $282.18). In this review we will highlight the most important pros and cons to to consider before buying.

If you don’t like reading this is the best review video to learn from:

ASUS S1 LED Projector Review

New Pocket Projector Model in 2015

Biggest Pros

  • ASUS S1 LED Projector reviewRechargeable battery with 3 hours of battery life. This battery also doubles as a power source with the ability to charge other mobile devices.
  • LED light sources with 30,000 hours of life. That’s a lot of movies! Or presentation hours!!
  • Small, lightweight can be held in the palm of your hand. Weighs under 1 pound (0.75 lbs.). Dimensions: 4.3 x 4 x 1.2 inches.
  • 1.1:1 Short-throw lens. To produce a screen image of 41 inches the ASUS S1 projector only needs to sit 1 meter back from the screen. Great for tight spaces and small rooms.
  • HDMI Connectivity
  • Includes Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) The standard in the industry, allows connection to video and audio from mobile devices.

We didn’t want to put this at the top of the list of reasons to buy but externally, the ASUS S1 LED projector is beautiful and compact. The silver shell looks great anywhere.

Projector performance is most important, so we didn’t want mention the sleek external looks of this projector at the top of the list as reasons to buy.

But we need to mention, this not a flimsy cheaply built model, the outside casing provides much protection and durability. Something you may want to consider if you plan to travel with it.

Biggest Cons

Are you a person who absolutely must have a remote control? It does not come with a remote nor does it have an IR sensor to use a universal remote control.

Connectivity. This will not be a huge negative but for most people may just be aware the only connectivity port is HDMI. This should work fine for connecting to the majority of devices (phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles).

Carrying Case. It does come with one and it’s fine for carrying the projector. Just be aware any cables you need to take with you will not fit in the case.

On Picture Quality and Resolution

How’s the quality of the actual picture produced? The resolution is WXGA (854 x 480). This is not high-definition but considering the price tag is under $300, for the money, this is not low resolution when compared to other mini projectors in this price range.

How big of a screen image can it produce? Recommended any from 30 – 100 inch screen. However, in a dark room we have tested it at 120 inches and the picture still looks pretty good.

If you want a mini projector rather than a larger more traditional model you have to realize these smaller models are less powerful. So you are provided with the advantage of easily taking it with you and with the built-in battery being able to use it just about anywhere you want.

But the disadvantage is these smaller mobile projectors will not be as powerful. However, for the low price of $282 the ASUS S1 Led model gives you a nice picture quality.

ASUS S1 Projector – Awards


We are revisiting this review on the ASUS S1 to mention some the awards it has won since its release. In total, this mini has receive 24 different awards.

Below is a running list of the different organizations that recognized this LED mini projector along with a brief summary of some of the more insightful opinions given.

RF Shimmer Silver Award – Great portable for outdoor use. The power bank seemed bizarre at first but actually can be quite useful when your phone needs an emergency charge.

GeekLingo Commendable – The positives far outweigh the negatives.

Kaden Hihyou –  5 stars. Notes how compact and quiet.

VPG Summer 2016 – An audio-visual award from an organization in Japan.

Recommended Product – Beautiful design. A portable projector that is easily set-up.

DD’s Recommended – Provides very high value for the price.

VPG2016 – Winner.

Editor’s Choice – Small and powerful.

Elite Award

Best Design


Good Buy

2014 Computex Best Choice 

Original Design – Great design, long battery life and excellent accessories.

IXBT – Excellent packaging.

Producto Recomendado – lightweight and smart. Connectivity very current.

Info Recommended – Great image size for a pocket projector.

No, we did not make these awards up… Honestly, we have never heard of many of these organization. If you live in the USA, as we do, many of the listed organizations are not located inside of the 50 states. Here is a link to the ASUS website page that provides this list.

Here’s a video review of the ASUS S1 from a YouTuber, named, Jay Kapoor that does an excellent job at answering many questions about this model.

The bottom line 

Is the ASUS S1 LED the best mini projector you can buy in 2015? NO. Probably not even the best new mini model of 2015. But for a price under $300 it’s arguably the best you can currently buy

We have no problem with recommending this model as it does provide quality and a few nice features for the price. However if you would like to see two more new 2015 models, one being a bit more expensive: Celluon PicoPro (Price: $331) and the other a little cheaper Rif6 Cube (Price: $269click on the links to read their reviews.

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