BenQ HC1200 Projector Review

by Jane on March 19, 2015

BenQ HC1200 Projector for the conference room

BenQ HC1200 reviewAre accurate colors and high contrast important to your presentations? Many times presenters need accurate colors when presenting graphs, charts, images and even art. The problem with most presentation projectors is they are built to be extremely bright at the expense accurate colors and high contrast. While brightness is great, sometimes we need or wish we had a bit more power in the color category.

BenQ HC1200 Colorific 1080P 2800 ANSI Lumen 3D Full HD ProjectorIf you have the need of producing great colors in your presentations you may want to consider the BenQ HC1200 Colorific 1080P (touted as the world’s first sRGB projector). If it fits your budget we highly recommend this model. When this model first hit the market in 2014 it was priced at over $2000 but now it has been discount to under $900 (Price: $896). Not sure what the drastic price reduction was due to as it has received good customer ratings.

It may be due to not many people being interested in a $2000 presentation projector since there are many good models to choose from for under $1000 and even $500.

The first time I saw the images produced by this projector was at a science conference viewing fluorescent images of the cell. Right away I noticed the huge difference in color compared other presentation projectors.

It’s like no other on the market in 2015. If you need exact colors and a high level of contrast. 

BenQ HC1200 presentations in color

The audience’s viewing experience

BenQ HC1200 review

When I first took the HC1200 out of the box, I proceeded to test it with a past PowerPoint presentation (PPT) saved to my laptop. I thought this would make an excellent test since:

  • This specific presentation made use of a lot of colors.
  • The projector I used at the time gave me problem due to its lack of color contrast power.

On a few of the slides the background and text colors I had chosen were a bit too close in the color spectrum. They appeared to work fine on the laptop screen but were washed out or invisible when projected onto the screen in the conference room. Due to the lack of contrast of the projector.

Going through each slide projected by the HC1200, I was truly impress with the sharp accurate colors it displayed. And the contrast abilities were excellent on the slides I had previously experienced problems with color wash out. All the text was visible.

An added bonus 

When we first decided to buy and review the BenQ HC1200 we read up on it. First, at the companies website where it was definitely described at a conference or classroom presentation projector with enhanced color capabilities.

We also visited various sites where we read reviews written by current owners. We learned something interesting. Many people who have bought this model think it’s a home theater projector. See user comments below:

BenQ HC1200 review

Read the entire review here.

BenQ HC1200 presentation projector review

Read the entire comment on this model.

The point of showing the comments above. The BenQ HC1200 is advertised as a 1080p projector with high color and contrast capabilities for presentations. And this is accurate. It has user friendly features and easy connectivity and quick set-up presenters need. This is all true.

But in actuality it seems the majority of the people who buy this model buy it to use for movies, TV and gaming. And we agree. The picture quality is great.

When this model first came to the market in 2014 it was priced at over $2000 and can be bought for under $900. It has all the features a business would need for presentations and the picture quality is also great for watching movies or gaming in high definition.

If you would like to know more about different but similar models click the image below.

vs BenQ HC1200

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