BenQ HT4050 projector -great lens flexibility, 1080p and great colors

by Jane on October 28, 2016

Besides being HD 1080p resolution, another attribute making the BenQ HT4050 projector a great choice for home movie viewing is the color output of this model is top notch, fantastic. Yeah, yeah you probably heard this one before! Another empty promise about a product’s performance? But we will tell you what makes the colors so great!

If you doubt what we say, make sure you research it to verify. To our knowledge, there is not another projector in this price range offering this life-like color and accurate performance.

What are we talking about? This model uses a 6X speed RGBRGB color wheel. This is calibrated to meet the Rec 709 standard. This standard guarantees the color output matches the movie directors intended colors for each scene.

BenQ HT4050 review

We have owned many different projectors. More times than not we have found ourselves fooling around adjusting color settings in order to get the best picture possible. There will probably come a time when I will want to tinker with the settings of the HT4050 but so far, after hours of use, I have managed to keep my hands off changing any of the settings.

I can only say when not feeling the need to make any adjustments to the settings is a very telling sign about how impressed I am with the quality of this model out of the box.

Picture Quality – 1080p, Rec 709, DLP technology

This is why you are here. For the price, the picture quality is AMAZING! Along with an excellent contrast rating (10,000:1). The combination of 1080p HD resolution, Rec 709 standardized studio colors and DLP technology gives the picture great detail and also makes the colors POP! off the screen.

The following review video of the BenQ HT4050 doesn’t give a lot of information on the features but does do a good job at showing you the picture quality from a wide variety of different content to gaming.

When watching the examples in this video, if your computer monitor is lower than 1080p resolution you will not get the full effect of the picture quality presented.


BenQ HT4050 projector review

Nothing is Perfect

Before we go on with this review we want to mention who this projector might not be for. If you notice in the image above, the projector is sitting on the glass table. That’s not the problem, this projector is mountable to the ceiling.

What we do want to make clear. Small and lightweight is the popular direction in almost everything. The BenQ HT4050 weighs over 9 pounds and has dimensions of 13 x 9.7 x 4.7 (L x W x H) so this is not a tiny, lightweight model.

But at the same time, technology still has not reached the point of being able to pack a BIG PICTURE QUALITY PUNCH in smaller, lightweight, compact models

So if you want something small, you will be sacrificing overall picture quality.

More super enhancements for home movies

We had to call the following “SUPER” because unaware of any other projector in this price range that includes all the following features. You may be able to find models with a couple of these features but it will be very hard if impossible to find another model including all these

1.6X Big Zoom Lens – If you don’t understand why having a projector model with a built-in zoom lens is beneficial the video below explains why this is a great feature to have. Many people think “zoom” is simply for making the picture “bigger and smaller” however, it also has a lot to do with brightness and overall picture quality.

Horizontal and vertical (H/V) lens shift – This is a terrific feature to have for setting up or installing a projector on a ceiling mount. What it does? It makes things a whole lot easier. And faster! And causes you to have a lot less headaches.

What the H/V lens shift provides is the ability to move the image “up and down” and “left and right” allowing quick and easy alignment of the projector image to the center of your screen.

Setting up your projector at an indirect angle – Depending on your room arrangement you may or may not be able to set your projector up “head on” to the screen, you will want to project the image on. You might want to set it up somewhere off to the side of the screen.

The problem and the solution – Many projectors can not be set off to the side to project onto a screen at an indirect angle the image will suffer from what is known as the “trapezoid effect” this is something you don’t want. To eliminate this effect and provide the flexibility of setting a projector up at an indirect angle to the screen the BenQ HT4050 provides side projection with horizontal and vertical Keystone correction.

Another unique feature – This model has a built-in Short-Throw Lens. This is perfect for people who may be short on space, wanting a big image in a small room. The short-throw feature allows you to place the projector closer to the screen to get a 100+ inch image compared to projectors without this capability.

Besides being short on space, other practical reasons exist that make short-throw advantageous for home movie viewing, gaming and also for presentations.

  • Brightness
  • Shadows

Room light, ambient light, light coming in from the windows has a negative effect on how bright the image will appear on the screen. The closer you can sit the projector to the screen minimizes these negative effects.

The further a projector sits away from the screen the more shadows will get in the way of the image. These shadows could be created by inanimate objects in the room or people.  Being able to sit the projector closer to the screen minimizes the negative effects shadows can play on the image.

Another great feature – Wireless

This is a great option to have whether you will be using it for home movies or school or business presentations. But especially for gamers we want to mention with this wireless there is ZERO LATENCY!


Final words on the BenQ HT4050

There are models costing thousands of dollars more which are higher performing so we can’t say the BenQ HT4050 projector is the top model on the market to buy. But what we can say is it may be the top model in its price range.

It provides both 1080p high definition and the Rec 709 studio standardized colors. Outstanding colors and high resolution are definitely two of the most important characteristics for home movie viewing and game play.

If you are looking for a cheaper 1080p option in 2016-2017 we would recommend checking out the Optoma HD142X in our opinion this is the best low priced high definition 1080p resolution currently on the market.

However, compared to the BenQ HT4050, the HD142X is inferior in color output. Which is a reason why it has a lower price tag. Other reasons are the design and capabilities of the HT4050 lens:

  • Big Zoom
  • Horizontal and vertical lens shift
  • Keystone Correction
  • Short-Throw
  • And it also provides wireless capabilities

These functions listed above provide great flexibility and ease in set-up and also adjustability to allow you to get the best image quality in your room environment.

We don’t see any GLARING weaknesses in the BenQ HT 4050 for the money spent compared to other similarly priced models . 

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