BenQ MS504 SVGA 3000L Projector

by Jane on September 25, 2014

Review of a Basic Budget Projector: Does Simple mean Bad

The BenQ MS504 is a simple, inexpensive model missing the more advanced features more expensive models include.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean this is a bad little projector to buy. The vast majority of owners give this model extremely high ratings in the area of Value versus Cost and no major complaints have been left.  

As a group, owners mentioning a wide range of uses. Viewing movies, gaming, business presentations. It does a remarkable job at PowerPoint presentations. Others have used in church, outside on a cement or barn walls to view movies and sporting events.

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Before buying there are a few things you need to and understand and consider. Please make sure to read the following information in the review below where we mention the limitations of this projector.

BenQ MS504 Review

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On the chart above the MS504 is outlined in red. Compare and contrast the features with other BenQ budget projectors. These are all considered fairly inexpensive.

Pointing out Positives 

Before pointing out and explaining the features and capabilities the MS504 projector lacks we would like to cover a few positives.

#1. Quality built and versatile at an affordable price. Works for movies at home, gaming and business and classroom presentations.

#2. Want to know something amazing about this projector? Where it actually beats or equals many of the most expensive models on the market? It’s powered by 3000 lumen of light. The picture shows up even when the lights are. Many models have a problem here.

#3. If you don’t already know – one of the biggest frustrations is when a projector’s lamp/bulb burns out. When it does, you will be forced to spend more money to buy a replacement. The bulb on this MS504 model has up to a whopping 10,000 hour lamp life. Do the math, how many years will it take you to use 10,000 hours.

Benq MS504 good buy#4. Energy Saving Technology – “Turning on” the SmartEco mode allows the projector to sense the amount of light in the surrounding environment and then adjust the energy input to the lamp. A great feature for reducing energy consumption, also adds extra life to your lamp/bulb.

#5. 13,000: 1 contrast ratio – This beats many of the more expensive models on the market today. Having a higher contrast ratio means, dark colors, appear darker and lighter colors appear lighter. Provides great contrast!

See Price and customer reviews at Amazon 

Is the Highest Level of Resolution Important

The following are what we consider the major limitations of the MS504 projector.

#1. The resolution of the MS504 projector is SVGA (800×600). It does provide a very clear picture but 800×600 is definitely not on the level of full HD 1080p for resolution. What this means, less pixels are used to create the screen image compared to higher resolutions.

If you need the absolute most pristine picture then a projector with 1080p resolution is what you need to buy. But realize, this will cost you more $$$. At the very least, probably double the price of this model.

But I don’t have that kind of money

Sometimes we need to settle on something affordable to us. With that said, if you  looking for a simple and inexpensive but also versatile projector then this is one you need to add to your list to compare with others.

BenQ MS504 SVGA Price Review

MS504 – Great Choice for Tight Budgets

The Chart above says no HDMI Inputs

#2. HDMI Inputs – Since there’s a perfectly fine solution, maybe we shouldn’t list the following as a limitation. But just so you’re not surprised or confused when trying to connect the MS504 to your laptop, PC, TV, etc. We want to make sure you understand a difference exists from what you might be familiar with when making these types of connections.

There are no HDMI inputs on this projector. However, there are SVGA inputs. This means you need to use a SVGA cable to make your connections instead of the more common HDMI cable.

Overall Opinion on this BenQ Budget Projector

Definitely not tops on the market. It’s definitely lacking in the area of resolution. It’s not terrible in this area but it’s not high definition.

If you want a projector but can only afford to spend a certain amount of money. Unless, you’re buying from a guy selling out of the back of his van then you need to be realistic on what this amount of money will get you.

There are other projectors in the same price range, some provide good value others are junk. For the money, we rate the BenQ MS504 SVGA 3000L Projector as being very high value.

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Manishh Sharma January 26, 2017 at 1:15 pm

I have MS504P BENQ model. I wanted to connect this with my DTH device to see TV programs through projector and i bought a HDMI/VGA cord also to connect it with DTH but nothing is coming. So how can i connect it with DTH device to see TV programs.

Please help if you can.


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