BenQ MS521 SVGA 3000L HDMI Smart Eco 3D Projector

by Jane on September 20, 2014

BenQ MS521 SVGA 3000L HDMI Smart Eco 3D Projector ReviewThe BenQ MS521 SVGA 3000L HDMI Smart Eco 3D Projector, a review of a low cost, economical model.  While there’s not a lot of super fancy features to mention, this projector still has received many positive reviews from users.

The lowest rating this model has received, a 3-star rating from one customer. The remaining users have given it either 5 or 4-stars in their reviews.

One thing we will say, it does provide the benefit of a long lamp life (up to 10,000 hours), you won’t be needing to throw money at a replacement bulb any time in the near future.

BenQ MS521 value review


Intended use: The chart above shows BenQ’s, “value line of projectors” and major features included with each model. Compare and contrast. The MS521 is outline in red.

BenQ’s original intent when bringing the MS521 to market was to provide an inexpensive choice best for classroom and business presentations. Some buyers have commented they use it in church, others say they have bought multiple models for use in large convention meetings.

However, in many consumers eyes the model has proven to be quite dynamic. Many have ended up buying the MS521 for use as a home theater and/or gaming projector.

BenQ MS521 SVGA 3000L HDMI Smart Eco 3D Projector with 10 000 Hour Lamp Life

Inexpensive and Dynamic Use

Searching for a versatile machine on a budget? For presentations, movies, games… But you need to buy something decent, not a piece of junk?

BenQ MS521 SVGA 3000L HDMI Smart Eco 3D Projector ReviewTo make room for their new line of projectors, the price of the BenQ MS521 model has been reduced by nearly 40% from the original price. It’s currently priced just a hair over $300.

The MS521 projector is still being bought by many in 2014. Looking at the customer ratings above you see it’s still receiving high ratings. This is no where near the best projector on the market but many people recommend it based on: Price vs Value.

For right around $300 this model provides enormous quality. Don’t take our word for it, many people have wrote reviews (in 2013-2014) saying how happy they were with their purchase.

>>>Read What Owners Say<<<

Technology in the BenQ MS521 

As we said at the beginning of this review, the model is not a fancy, there’s not a lot of bells and whistles to talk about. It just works.

Specification that might interest you

  • Item Weight 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 8.7 x 11.9 x 4.4 inches
  • Throw Ratio: 1.97-2.17 (50″ at 2 meters)
  • Long Lamp life of up to 10,000 hours
  • Contrast ratio of 13,000:1
  • 3000 lumens brightness
  • SVGA resolution
  • Image Size (Diagonal): 34″-300″
  • HDMI connection
  • Audio In and Out, S-Video
  • RCA Video Out
  • D-sub 15-pin inputs and monitor out
  • RS232 for control systems
  • Mini-B USB

SmartEco Lamp Saving Technology

This feature may not be “sexy” but the SmartEco technology allows you to reduce energy consumption. Flip the switch to activate the SmartEco mode. When “on” this energy saving mode allows the projector to sense the levels of surrounding ambient light and then adjust lamp power accordingly.

In the long-term, the SmartEco mode saves you money in two different ways. First, by reducing your energy costs, secondly by increasing the life of the lamp. Who wants to spend a $100 or more to replace a lamp?

3D Blu-Ray Ready Projection

If you must have a projector which is 3D Ready, the MS521 is one of the least expensive projectors on the market providing this feature.

Technology for Longer Bulb Life

In addition to the SmartEco mode mentioned above helping to add hours of life to your lamp through reduced energy consumption. There’s also an additional built-in technology to increase lamp life.

Imagine this and it happens all the time. A person turns on a projector but then leaves the room.  The projector is running at full output.

This is a complete waste of lamp life, the MS521 respond by reducing lamp brightness by 30 percent.

Interested in learning about more BenQ models? This company does design and manufacture some of the best projectors in the industry.

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