BenQ MS521 vs MX522 – Differences Compared

by Jane on October 6, 2014

The MS521 and MX522 models fall into the category BenQ labels as their value line of projectors. Both are inexpensive and somewhat versatile, capable of being used for home theater, gaming and presentation purposes.

They are rated high by current owners on the basis of value vs price.

These two “value models” are built and priced for people on a budget, interested in buying a projector for home movies and/or gaming purposes. Their prices also make them ideal choices for schools, businesses, artists, churches and so on. Any person or organizations needing a projector to make presentations but not wanting to spend a boat load of money.

BenQ MS521 vs MX522 – Defining Differences

These two projectors are very similar in design and features provided, however, a buyer should be aware of the subtle differences which exist. Below the chart, we will explain a few of the most important differences.

The chart shows these two models outlined in red. The column on the left hand side gives an overview of a few major attributes and features and the check marks show whether or not a model includes these.

BenQ MS521 vs MX522

Price Comparison

If price is the most important objective for you when buying. The MX522 projector ($425) is price at about $75 more than the MS521 (compared to $349). Which isn’t a huge difference.

To make the best informed decision it’s probably wise to take more than price into consideration when buying.


This is probably the most important difference to realize and also the main reason why these two models are inexpensive. The MS521 and MX522 are not projectors with high-definition resolution.

Resolution basically refers to the number of pixels used to produce an image. The higher the resolution the more detailed the picture or image appears.

The XGA resolution of the BenQ MX522 model is higher and is the main reason it costs $75 more.

Getting what you need

If you need or want higher or high-definition, you will need a projector with either 720p or 1080p resolution. Keep in mind, you will end up paying at least $300 more compared to the prices of these BenQ models.

The resolution of the BenQ MS521 or MX522 isn’t terrible but as we said neither are considered High-definition. If you are looking for an inexpensive model to use for the sole purpose of presentations, either of these will perform adequately.

The vast majority of presentation shouldn’t need a high definition projector so why pay a few extra hundred dollars more???

If you are wanting something inexpensive which can handle movies, gaming and presentations then the MX522 with the higher resolution is the better choice when compared to the MS521 model.

Price and Resolution are the Differences

We won’t mention any names, we visit different website that speak on the same topics we write about. We were a little confused by some of the differences mentioned on other sites when they spoke on the BenQ MS521 vs MX522.

The first was the lens zoom and focus of the MX522 was motorized and you were able to control it with the remote control. We researched this on the manufactures website and could find no mention of this.

Another thing we read was the MS521 had a jack you that allowed you to plug headphones into.

If you would like to read more detailed information on these models visit our individual reviews: 522 and 521.

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