Review of the BenQ MX505 Features

by Jane on October 1, 2014

The BenQ MX505 projector is an inexpensive model which has been well received by customers. It produces a very bright picture (3000 lumen output), has a native resolution of XGA (1024×768), 3D capable and includes the money and energy saving Smarteco technology.

Although, not a high-end projector if you’re currently on a budget and interested in buying a decent projector without paying an arm and a leg, the price for the BenQMX505 is under $400. The vast majority of current owners give this BenQ model very high marks in the area of value vs. price.

Here we will review and explain the main features of the model. On the chart below you can see the model outlined in red and able to look down the column to see a few of the main features included.

BenQ MX505 XGA 3000L Smarteco 3D Projector

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All the projectors listed on the table above are considered BenQ’s value line. All are reasonably priced for people on a budget. The most expensive is the MX522 (far-right).

Customer reviews and price at Amazon

Looking over the BenQ MX505 Features

Since the level of resolution a projector provides is usually the most important feature people consider and also a major reason for price differences among different models we will start we will start with resolution.

This model’s native resolution is XGA (1024 x 768) and is capable of supporting VGA (640 x 480) to UXGA (1600 x 1200). These are not high-definition resolutions, however, they are also not terrible.

More then likely the lower than high-definition of the MX505 is why the relatively low price. For a quality made high-definition model you’re looking at a price of at least $650 – 700 and up.

BenQ MX505 review

More on the Features included

3D Ready Projection

If you want to experience 3D while watching movies you don’t have to pay a have price. This model is 3D ready just like the more expensive models that offer this feature. We aren’t a big fan of watching movies in 3D but this is what you want the model can provide.

Customer reviews and price at Amazon

SmartEco Energy Saving Technology

MX505 XGA 3000L Smarteco 3D Projector review

Using the MX505 in the built in SmartEco mode allows the projector to sense the ambient light in the surrounding environment and make adjustments to the energy it put out to the lamp.

It doesn’t effect the quality of the image and is a great feature for the environmentally conscious. And also decreases the total energy costs of operating the projector.

Extended Bulb Life

To build upon what was said above about the advantages of the Smart Eco Technology. This is probably not the most exciting feature to mention but the bulb life on this projector is excellent.

Depending on what mode you choose to run the projector in the lamp/bulb has the ability to last up to 10,000 hours. There’s a few different modes to choose from you should definitely read the manual if you choose to buy this model.

This might not sound like a big deal but not only is it quite frustrating when a bulb goes dead but buying a compatible bulb for a replacement will run you around $100. So the long the bulb life the better.

Colors and Contrast

MX505 reviewThe MX505 is capable of displaying over 1 billion life like colors. And on top of this at 13,000:1 the contrast ratio is extremely high. The contrast on this projector is just as good or greater than models costing over $1000.

A high contrast means, darker colors will appear extremely dark and lighter colors will appear very light. And this quality greatly enhances the movie viewing experience.


Many people are usually curious if a projector comes with built in speakers (which are not usually the best) or if it has audio in/out outlets which allow the user to connect there own audio source.

Yes this model does have audio in/out outlets so you will be able to connect an outside audio source.

Connect a Laptop

Maybe you want to do more than watch movies. Maybe you would like to also own an inexpensive projector that will also allow you to connect your laptop for presentations?

Yes, you can connect your laptop to the MX505 for presentations or whatever other reason you might need this function for.

Conclusion to Buy or Not

We have attempted to answer what we feel are some of the more major questions about the BenQ MX505 XGA 3000L Smarteco 3D Projector in our review above.

Hopefully, we were able to answer what you needed to know. But we probably haven’t hit on everything your curious about.

As far as whether you should buy this projector or not. We do think this model is quality and has an excellent price. But the resolution is not high-definition. If you are looking for something simple for maybe a basement, living room or outdoor theater and don’t need the absolutely highest resolution then the BenQ MX505 matches your needs well.

If you need the most pristine picture quality this is not the right buy for you. For this you will need to buy a high definition projector with 1080p resolution.

You might want to even consider the other three projectors in the BenQ value line, see links to reviews below:

  • MX522

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