BenQ MX522 XGA 3000L with HDMI Port

by Jane on October 3, 2014

Because of quality and reliability, BenQ projectors always rates high in customer satisfaction.  Around the year 2013 this company decided to release a value-line of inexpensive projectors. The line includes four different models which can be seen in the table below.

Here we will review the BenQ MX522 (Price $429) which can be seen outlined in red on the table below.

Used for: Home movies, gaming consoles, business and classroom presentations.

BenQ MX522 XGA 3000L HDMI Review

Before moving into the review of this particular model, if you came here on a budget you might also be curious to know about the three models other on the table above.

The BenQ MX522 which we are reviewing on this page is the most expensive model shown on the table. The least expensive is the MS504 on the very left hand side (Price $269.99). The two in the middle have prices in between.

If interested here are links to reviews of the other models:

BenQ MX522: Quality or Cheap Junk

BenQ MX522 RatingMost people probably wouldn’t consider paying four hundred dollars as just a drop in the bucket. But considering there are projectors on the market costing more than a thousand dollars, $400 is sort of cheap for a project. A better word for the BenQ MX522 would be inexpensive rather than cheap.

The word “cheap” more describes the quality of an item as being junk. And this model is far from junk. Inexpensive more refers to the price rather than the quality.

You may wonder why the BenQ MX522 is so much less expensive compared to other models on the market? This is the question we will answer below.

BenQ MX522 XGA 3000L HDMI Smarteco 3D Projector review

Why you Pay Less to Own

The answer is fairly simple. The reason has nothing to do with the overall quality build or design of the projector. It’s not built cheaply, it’s not going to break down or burn-out after a few uses.

The reason for the low price is almost entirely due to the resolution level the BenQ MS522 provides. This is not a high-definition model.

The native resolution is XGA (1024 x 768).  In some instances is capable of supporting resolutions: VGA (640 x 480) to UXGA(1600 x 1200).

What is resolution, is it important? 

The more pixels the greater resolution.

A person who needs the most pristine viewing experience then resolution is very important. This person would need to buy a projector with 1080p or at least 720p resolution. To get this they would be paying at least $200 dollars more compared to the price of this BenQ model.

If you can survive and be satisfied without high-definition then the XGA native resolution (1024 x 768) of the MS522 might be all you need and will save you a lot of movie. Some people say they can’t even notice the difference unless sitting close up to the screen.

So this is the main reason why this model costs less because the resolution isn’t high definition. Not because it’s cheaply built or will burn-out after a couple uses.

In Fact the Lamp/Bulb inside is High Grade

Better than most models on the market. The bulb, depending on what mode you use can have a life of up to 10,000 hours.

If you have looked around at other projectors before you cam here and paid close attention to their descriptions and features you should have read something about lamp life…

The lamps inside many models only offer 5,000 or even as low as 3,000 hours of lamp life. This may not be the sexiest feature but considering how frustrating it is when you turn on your projector only to find the bulb is burnt out and also considering it can cost over $100 dollars just to replace the bulb, we think it’s worth at least mentioning.

Contrast Ratio and a Billion Colors

Two more positive aspects of the BenQ MS522:

Contrast Ratio – The model has a very high ratio of 13,000:1 which is higher than many more expensive models on the market. This high ratio means dark colors appear very dark and light colors appear very light. Which is essential for a great viewing experience.

Colors – How does the ability to produce over 1 billion life like colors! Yes it can do this!!!

Includes HMDI and Audio Ports

Here’s the same table from the top of the page. We mentioned these were BenQ’s value-line and also said at the beginning of the review that the MX522 model (outlined in red) is the most expensive of these four models.

Below are the basic reasons it is the most expensive.

MS522 Price ReviewWe spoke above in the resolution section of this review how this higher resolution machines cost more. From the chart you see the MX522 model has a XGA (1024×768) resolution this is higher than the SVGA (800×600).

This is one of the reasons it costs more than the other four.

The next reason is it includes a HDMI Port which is where you connect other devices such as: Laptops, TVs, Blu-Ray, Gaming Consoles, etc. This is the second reason for the price.

Lastly, it comes with built in speakers but also has audio in/out ports. Allowing you to connect outside audio sources for enhanced sound. Not all the models shown on the table have these ports.

Conclusion – Should you Buy 

BenQ MX522 RatingIn our review of the BenQ MX522 projector, we understand we haven’t answered every possible question but hope at least a few of the major questions you had were answered.

We do rate this model very high in the price vs quality area. This is not to say it’s the very best or even belongs mentioned with the top models currently on the market for sale. The resolution isn’t high-definition enough to be considered with the best models.

However, it has a nice design, easy to set-up and use (comes with a remote), it’s durable will last years, provides excellent contrast and colors and includes a bunch of other positives considering the price.

If you’re on a budget wanting something simple which can be used for home movies, gaming and even presentations and you can do without definition then this model is well worth the money.

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