BenQ RL2460HT Review

by Jane on February 16, 2016

Price vs. value: a perfect gaming monitor in 2016

The BenQ RL2460HT monitor doesn’t have the largest screen or 4K resolution but this is a solid choice for computer, PS4, Xbox gamers in 2016. It’s a 24-inch display size and 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Made for or Optimized for Gaming“, these phrases are way too overused and have become cliches in the industry. They slap theses phrases on the box or in the product description but more times than naught the gaming peripheral has no real meaningful optimization going on! It’s just a KRAP marketing ploy. Once you get it home and out of the box, you realize it has more damn freaking flaws than anything! Too late you bought it!


BenQ RL2460HT – More Marketing Hype?

Should you believe the hype? Is this monitor actually optimized for gaming? To answer this, we need to examine the most important qualities for this specific use. At the top, we already mentioned:

  • Screen Size: 24-inches
  • Resolution – 1920 x 1080p

Panel Display and Screen Size – Optimized*

This 24-inch BenQ model provides a TN (Twisted Nematic) panel display. This type of technology provides certain advantages and disadvantages. When compared to other types of displays, the main advantage of a TN monitor is “shortest response time”. Person playing, first person shooters or other fast moving games will appreciate this speed.

The main disadvantage would be color shifts. These shifts are most noticeable when viewing the picture from any sort of an angle and less noticeable when viewing head-on.

The BenQ RL2460HT has very flexible ergonomic adjusts (tilt, height adjust, swivel and pivot) so no matter where or how you are sitting the flexibility of the screen adjustments allow you to look as straight on as possible, lessening color distortions you would experience when viewing the picture from any sort of angle!



For a long time, 1920 x 1080p was the top-dog in the area of resolution, however, now 4K monitors are available, which contain about 4 times the number of pixels. Resolution level is an important quality when it comes to gaming. But there are a couple things you need to consider before buying a 4K monitor:

Price. 4K has seen a drop in price but they are still significantly more expensive.

Content. This is very important to understand. If you are buying a monitor in 2016, specifically for use with the PlayStation or Xbox, both these gaming consoles do not have the ability to output 4K content. So in this case buying a 4K monitor would be useless! 

4k monitor for PC gaming. 

Even though 4K have dropped in price

But will a 4K monitor fit your specific needs in 2016?

Plugging in the Inputs – Optimized*

We want to point out the usefulness of a few specific inputs included in the rear but first we want to go back to the flexible ergonomic adjustments (tilt, height adjust, swivel and pivot) we mentioned already.

If you are a gamer then no doubt you have experienced difficulty reaching everything. “Why the hell did they put it here!“. I can’t tell you how many times I have mumbled this becoming more frustrated trying to reach and plug into a certain port! The ergonomic adjustments are great for adjusting the screen to view the picture straight-on but they also make it easy to plug into the ports!

Port talk: Power-in, Analog, Audio pass-through 

The inputs include some that are commonly found on all monitors like power-in, analog, audio pass-through for stereo speakers. But there’s also much more specifically optimized with gamers in mind.

Display Input functions that might interest:

Some are strictly into console gaming, others only PC gaming. Many of us are into both. Included with this monitor are a couple auto-selecting HDMI inputs that will satisfy both functions. It also includes dvi and vga which is also a nice touch!

The monitor also has a third HDMI input that can be used in a few interesting ways.

  • Allows game-streamers to capture footage directly from the source to the monitor. Decreasing latency.
  • If you are or want to be a professional fighting game player but hate screen sharing this third HDMI port allows you to have whoever you are playing against plug a separate monitor into yours so they can look at their own screen.
  • Broadcasting. In a professional or friendly gaming tournament you may not want all the participates hanging over your back looking at the screen. This third HDMI port allows you to broadcast your game play to a TV or projector.

These three functions listed above added no measurable latency.

Not everything is top-notch optimized 

The one weakness (at it’s price point) we would assign to the BenQ RL2460HT monitor is the on screen menu display and navigation through the options.

It provides a ton of options but the navigation is very cumbersome. But on the other hand it’s not fair to compare this monitor to one that costs several times more. Obviously, there will be some weaknesses when a product doesn’t cost as much as the top competitors.

Bottom Line on the BenQ RL2460HT

This isn’t my personal overall top choice in a gaming monitor but the low price makes it a good affordable choice for gamers on a budget. The main benefits this models provides is being cheap in price but still providing very fast response times, with minimal latency. Recommended to people on a budget, playing first person shooters or other fast moving games.

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