BenQ W1070 vs.Epson HC2040 – 3D and Gaming

by Jane on December 7, 2015

A question received on the BenQ W1070 vs.Epson HC2040. The person’s main concern was which would be the better choice for 3D and gaming.

Also, the person is planning to have a screen image size between 100 -120 inches.

First, allow us say the following is only our opinion, we do believe both projectors are good choices for entry level 1080p high definition models.

At time of writing this (December 2015) both models were similarly priced in the $700 price range.

The better choice for 3D and Gaming

 As far as 3D, which model wins? When running a projector in 3D mode, brightness is a very important concern. The Epson HC2040 is the slightly brighter model, however, at a screen image size of only 100 – 120 inches the brightness of the BenQ W1070 will not be an issue.

The greatest difference. For viewing 3D movies, the most noticeable difference between these two models will be seen in contrast and black levels.And the model with the better contrast and black levels is the BenQ W1070.

BenQ W1070 vs Epson HC2040 3D

BenQ W1070

More information. In the 3D mode the Epson HC2040 does suffer from a slight decrease in contrast and we would say poor black levels.

If you happen to be reading this review and 3D is not highly important to you, we will say this, in the “normal” 2D mode the HC2040 the decrease in contrast and black levels do not exist.

The best choice for gaming 

The majority of the popular games today are very fast moving games. So if you want the best projector for the most popular games, which are by far and away fast moving (e.i. first person shooters) then you will need a projector with a low input lag.

W1070 vs HC2040, which is the fastest? 

First we want to say, both of these models are two of the fastest. Both are priced under $1000 both models are faster than many of the more expensive home theater projectors on the market.

Technically, the Epson HC2040 is the faster projector with only a 25 millisecond input lag compared to the 33 millisecond lag of the BenQ W1070.

But this is not much of a difference, it would be extremely hard to notice any difference in speed between these two models both are rate at 60 frames per second (FPS).

Our Choice

Both these models are good choices for sub $1000 1080p high definition projectors but in our opinion the BenQ W1070 has the edge not only in 3D and gaming but also overall for “normal” 2D movies.

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Lonnie September 4, 2016 at 1:25 pm

Which one would you choose if you were planning to use it during the day when the room wouldn’t be completely dark? The last projector I bought left me very disappointed in how the picture looked during the day time with sun light coming in through the windows.


Jane September 4, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Hi Lonnie, Yes, this is a common problem, projector performance in a well-lite room environment. I think most people realize this but I constantly find myself repeating myself, in that, any projector will perform better in a dark or dim room. To answer your question, if using a projector during the day with ambient room light was a major issue in your decision, we woud suggest the Epson HC2040 over the BenQ W1070. It’s the brighter option and the light won’t saturate the colors compared to the effect with the W1070. We like what both BenQ and Epson produces but BenQ projectors in general are definitely more effected by room light.


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