BenQ W1500 Projector Review – Going Wireless

by Jane on October 20, 2014

Rating the BenQ W1500 1080P HD Wireless HD DLP Home Theater ProjectorHigh-definition 1080p resolution, 1.4a HDMI and wireless connectivity. If these features describe what you need in a projector then the BenQ W1500 model is worth your attention.

These three features alone are enough to draw enormous interest from the world of high definition and wireless geeks and this model is loaded with more great features and capabilities.

In this review, we will let you know why we love the BenQ W1500 wireless projector but also mention a few details you should take into consideration before spending your hard-earned cash to buy. Because no product is perfect.

And about the price. We will show where to get it on the cheap. The price is so low here, they can’t even list it openly since it’s below the MRSP.

BenQ W1500 1080P HD Wireless HD DLP Home Theater Projector Review

A Sleek Multi-Purpose Movie Projector

The future looks bright for projectors in the home

And here’s why the future looks so bright. If you want the ability to watch movies and TV in high-definition (1080p) resolution on a big screen with family and friends at home. Spending a substantial amount of money on a 90 inch HDTV is one option. Are you familiar with how much a 90-inch HDTV can cost? Get ready to pay $6000 and up if you choose this route!

But a second, less expensive option is buying a high-definition 1080p projector for your home, like the BenQ W1500 (Price: $1600). No doubt this is still a good amount of money to spend.  But spending $1600 compared to $6000 or more for an HDTV, makes it look a lot more reasonable, almost cheap.

Why do we think the future is bright for projectors in the home?

There’s no doubt in the near future, wireless projectors like the BenQ W1500 will rule the home over flat screen TV’s. Since the 1950’s, TVs have been in the home. At this point, people are hesitant or afraid of the unknown to make the switch.

Sooner or later, the majority of households will switch. TV’s will become a thing of the past. Even now in 2014, projectors are capable of producing the same clear, crisp images as the best HDTV’s at a fraction of the cost.

Also, when thinking, projector vs HDTV. Do you want a huge screen to watch movies and sports? With a projector you can increase the screen to 300 inches. This is over 3 times larger than a 90 inch HDTV.

Back to the review

The table below lists 7 of the main features included or not included in the five projectors BenQ calls their “W series” line.  These are specifically designed for home entertainment, movies and gaming.

On the table below you will find the subject of this review, the W1500 outlined in red:

BenQ W1500 1080P HD Wireless HD DLP Home Theater Projector Review


As you can see from the table above, the W1500 model includes the most advanced features in this group but is also the most expensive. If need a less expensive option for home entertainment these other models listed on the table above are worth checking out.

Major features of interest

This model has many features to talk about. To keep our review short, we will try to only talk about what gets us the most excited.

High-definition 1080p resolution

This is all about resolution; how clear will the images appear on the screen. How many pixels are used to create the image in the movies you watch. If you are a person who needs the absolute best; then you need a projector with 1080p resolution for the clearest and most crisp life-like images. This is exactly what the BenQ W1500 provides.

Advanced contrast and color display

The model provides excellent contrast (ratio: 10,000:1) which is then further enhanced by the DarkChip3 DLP Technology included in BenQ’s W1500 projector.

The DarkChip technology works by enhancing the capabilities of digital micro mirror semiconductors used in DLP projectors, by promoting a higher level of brightness and deeper levels of darker colors. Resulting in a true film like experience.

The color display capabilities of this model are professional grade. The model is capable of producing over a billion life-like colors. This is made possible by the built in: Rec. 709 Color Gamut.

BenQ W1500 lens shift reviewLens shift and Zoom

“Does this projector have lens shift?”. Beyond HD resolution, lens shift seems to be the next most important feature ask about when they are looking at a particular model to buy.

Why do some many people consider lens shift so important? Well, it makes setting up the projector so much easier. Especially, if you plan mounting it to the ceiling. It allows the lens to be shifted to different angles to get the image position on the screen perfect.

Yes, the W1500 has lens shift! And it also has a 1.6x zoom which the projector to sit closer to the screen. For instance to produce an 80 inch image the BenQ w1500 only needs to sit 1.86 meters away from the screen while other projectors without 1.6x zoom will need to sit back more than 3 meters.

No cables required  – Easy set-up

The W1500 model also features the first ever built-in 5 GHz wireless connectivity found in a projector. This makes it easy to connect wireless to other other devices with HDMI output (Blu-Ray, game consoles, DVD, laptops etc).

W1500 projector wireless review

Not only does having a projector with wireless capabilities keep your set-up nice and clean, free of extra cables in your house but it’s the wave of the future to connect all your home HDMI devices wireless.

Frame Interpolation

What is this? Have you ever watched a movie and suddenly during a fast moving scene there’s a pause and the screen freezes? In general, this occurs due to the frame output of the device not being fast enough to handle the required output of the scene in the movie.

BenQ W1500 1080P HD Wireless HD DLP Home Theater Projector Frame Interpolation review

What’s the solution? Frame Interpolation. This technology allows the projector to evaluate the differences between two consecutive frames then inserts an artificial frame between the two real frames. This keeps everything running smooth and should do a lot to enhance the movie and gaming experience.

Many companies included this technology in their more expensive models but no all frame interpolation systems are equal. Overall, BenQ’s frame interpolation technology is not the best but rates in the top tier of companies in the market.

Conclusion – to buy or not

As far as mentioning every single feature of the model, this review of the W1500 projector is not 100% complete. However, many of the most important and most asked about features are covered here

This model definitely receives a high grade from us for, outstanding picture quality, the presence of HDMI 1.4a and the built in wireless.

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