BenQ W770ST Home Theater Price Review

by Jane on September 10, 2014

Small Budget, Small on Space – BenQ has the Solution

W770ST Projector Price ReviewCut to the truth, the BenQ W770ST Home Theater Projector is not the best on the market but provides excellent value for the price. This is an example of an inexpensive solution for people wanting home cinema entertainment, gaming and viewing fast moving sporting events.

This is also a solution for people who don’t have a lot of space or for those who just prefer to keep their set-up nice and compact. This is because the W770ST model has the special “short-throw” lens which provides the ability to create larger image in a shorter space.

Suggested use: Movies, sporting events, gaming.

BenQ W770ST Review

Blu-ray Full HD 3D Support

Projectors without this type of lens will require sitting 7.5 to 8 feet back from the screen to produce a 60 inch image. But the W770ST with short throw is capable of producing a 60 inch image while sitting only 3 feet from the screen.

BenQ W770ST 720p HD DLP Home Theater Projector ReviewThe same goes if you desire an even larger image (+100 inches) the W770ST will not need to sit as far back compared to the typical projector lacking the short-throw lens. A great feature to have if you have space restrictions.

Besides being perfect as a space saver, the short throw lens reduces the effects ambient light on picture quality and also reduces shadows which can disrupt viewing.

Review of Price and Features

See the chart below, compare and contrast the major features and capabilities of five popular BenQ W-series of projectors. All models specifically designed for home entertainment use.

BenQ W770ST Home Theater Projector Review

This current review is meant to focus on explaining the features, rating and pricing (reduction) of the model outlined in red below, the BenQ W770ST, this is the least expensive model on the chart. However, we also want to draw your attention to the 1080ST model on the chart above. We will tell you why in a second.

Well list some of the main features and where to find the price reduction below, tf you would rather not read as we ramble on the following short 2 minute video does a excellent job at showing what you get when you buy the W770ST:

The Price has been Reduced by over 30%!!!

BenQ W770ST Price ReviewThis means close to a $300 savings on the W770ST. There’s nothing funny going on, as you can see from the star ratings the projector has received very high ratings from current owners.

It has been around for a couple years but is in no way obsolete. The reduction in price is due BenQ clearing inventory on older models to make way for the new line.

You could buy one of the newest model when released but you will definitely be paying hundreds of dollars more.

A look at the Major Features

W770ST Short Throw The W770ST home theater projector has the ability to display a billion different colors, the ability to produce a screen image between 30 and 300 inches, is 3D-ready and has excellent contrast ratio of 13000:1.

The picture is outstanding, however, this model does lack full HD 1080p resolution, instead rates as a 720p DLP projector. The “P” stand for pixels most people have a hard time even telling the difference between 1080p vs 720p resolution.

The closer you sit to the screen or the larger you make the screen image these are instances when you might notice a slight difference between these two resolutions.

BenQ-W770ST-Short-Throw-3D-720p-HD-DLP-Home-Theater-ProjectorIf you want the clearest and most pristine image then we suggest you buy a projector with full HD 1080p

We briefly mentioned the BenQ 1080ST model above. We did so because this model has full HD 1080p resolution and also includes the same short-throw lens technology of the W770ST. However, it’s about $350 more expensive.

Read the BenQ W770ST vs. W1080ST review.

HDMI Connectivity

All you need to connect your favorite devices is a single cable. This cable delivers smooth HD for both video and audio.

What dos it have for the Environment

SmartEco technology and optimized lamp life. When this projector is “on”  the power source senses whether or not it is in use (producing an image). Say you went outside, its “on” but your not actually using it. The power source senses this and turns down the power. Saving you in energy cost and also extending your projectors lamp life.

See the complete line of BenQ projectors.

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