BenQ W770ST vs W1080ST

by Jane on September 16, 2014

Are the Reslution Differences Noticeable in a Small Room

We have heard a little confusion over these two models, we thought it may be helpful to write a short BenQ W770ST vs W1080ST review explaining the most important differences, the major similarity and also give our opinion on which is the better buy.

Both are home theater projects best used for: viewing movies, gaming and both provide a good viewing experience for sporting events.

In the chart below we have outlined the two models in red. You should notice the only difference shown, the W770ST has native 720p resolution and the W1080ST model has 1080p resolution. What does this mean? Are these the only differences? (see below)

Benq w770st vs 1080st differences

Decisions, what it comes down

Start with the major similarity both the W770ST and the 1080ST  have the short throw lens feature. If you have no idea what this is let us explain:

Which should I buy Benq w770ST or w1080stThis lens is great for small rooms or for people who prefer a nice and compact set-up as it allows the projector to produce larger images from short distances.

For example, producing a 60 inch image only requires sitting the projector about three feet back from the screen. Projectors that don’t have this unique lens would require sitting back 7.5 to 8 feet to produce the same size image. Same goes for producing even larger images (+100 inch) you will not need at much space with these two BenQ Home Theater Projectors.

The short throw lens also reduces the effects of shadows and ambient light. A great feature if your in a small room (bedroom, dorm room, etc.).

Major Differences to Consider before Buying

We only want to hit upon the major differences not go deep into every single detail in this W770ST vs W1080ST review. Both of these models have received very high ratings from customers. As far as we see it there are two major differences between the two models:

  • Resolution
  • Price

If you’re looking for more specific information on either of these BenQ home theater projectors, visit individual product pages here: W770ST or find W1080ST here.

Picture Resolution- The difference we really want to talk about and probably the biggest thing you need to be aware of before choosing. One model has 720p resolution (W770ST), the other has 1080p resolution (W1080ST).

What’s the difference? These resolution ratings 720p and 1080p refer to how many pixels are used by the projector to create the image. For the most part, the more pixels used, the smoother, higher quality the image is to the human eye, 1080p uses more pixels.

Many people claim they can barely notice a difference between these two resolutions. This may be true. However, the difference becomes more noticeable the larger image and when sitting closer to the screen.

If you want a better understanding of 720p vs 1080p resolution, the video below provides a detailed review:

Difference in Price: W770ST vs W1080ST 

We remember reading online a comment stating, “BenQ shouldn’t even make the W770ST projector.” . The comment was no doubt referring to the similarities of these two projectors, expect the W1080ST was better since it has 1080p resolution. So why even make the W770ST?

The reason both models are made is the price difference. The W1080ST is priced about $300 more. The less expensive the BenQ W770ST, not to take anything away from it, customers have given it very high ratings but is an entry level model.

Which one should you buy

If you absolutely need a pristine image and have the extra $300 to spend the W1080ST home projector is definitely the one you should choose. Reading what customers say about this model you can tell from their words they are thrilled with their purchase.

If your budget is a little tighter and looking for a good bargain on a fairly high quality model, made to operate in a small room, the W770ST is definitely one you should look into. The customer reviews on this model also show very high satisfaction.





















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