Best 2D Projector for Gaming under $1000 – 2015

by Jane on August 2, 2015

We received a question from a guy in the Spring of 2015, who was looking for suggestions on the best projector to buy for gaming. His price limit was $1000 but if possible, would rather spend less.

The features he put most importance on: Image quality, response time and high contrast and sharpness. 3D capabilities were not important. Furthermore, he wanted a gaming projector which could produce at least a 150-inch image, with highest possible levels of image quality, contrast and sharpness.

Choices recommended to this gamer

BenQ W1070 for gaming

BenQ W1070

Our top gaming projector recommendation based on price vs, value for under $1000 was the BenQ W1070, this model was specifically built for gaming.

The W1070 is fast projector with very low input lag.

While lag can never be completely eliminated, having a low lag input means you see events in the game closer in time to when they actually happen. This can be the difference between victory and defeat, not to mention saving you much mental frustration and increasing your gaming experience.

If you’re a hardcore gamer playing team, 1st/3rd person shooting, auto racing games, etc.

Other positives: Top¬†colors, brightness and contrast levels at it’s price point

The best price in 2015 that we can find for the BenQ 1070W is $699.

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Other choices to consider in 2015

Best gaming projector under $1000

Optoma HD131Xe

Another choice we would recommend is the Optoma HD131Xe. Like the BenQ W1070 this is also a native 1080p resolution projector.

This is another fast projector with low lag input levels. However, we would rate this model as being less bright, having less color accuracy and contrast compared to the BenQ W1070.

We would recommend this model but do not rate it better than the BenQ1070W. The only advantage it has is it may be a bit quieter but the image quality is inferior.

Another choice is the ACER H6510BD

fast projector for gaming under 1000

Acer H6510BD

This should be the cheapest projector on our list. It’s fast enough for hardcore gaming

It’s full native 1080p resolution but we would rate the overall picture quality below both the BenQ W1070 and the Optoma HD131Xe.

However, if you plan on using your projector for more than just gaming the other features this model provides are worth taking a look at.

Willing to spend a little more than $1000

BenQ W1080ST for gaming

BenQ 1080st

The models we have listed so far have all been inexpensive native 1080p resolution. If you’re willing to spend a little more we would suggest the BenQ W1080st model.

This model is priced at $1089. It’s very similar to the BenQ 1070 model, our number one pick for under $1000 at the top of the page. However, it provides a few enhanced features.

Besides having superior picture quality (brightness, contrast, sharpness), this is also a “short-throw” projector.

The short-throw feature gives the W1080st projector the ability to sit just feet away from the screen while other projectors will need to sit meters back to produce the same size screen image. This is a great feature for those with small rooms and also eliminates people from walking in front of it blocking the image.

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The bottom line 

Overall in 2015, if you’re looking for an inexpensive gaming projector for fast moving games finding a projector with both low input lag and good image quality can be challenging. We think you should expect to spending in the $600 and up range to satisfy these needs.

If you’re a hardcore gamer playing fast team 1st/3rd person shooters, racing and sports games, we don’t think you will find anything cheaper that you will perform to the standards you desire. Now, if all you plan to play are slow moving games then that’s a different story.

In our list above our #1 recommendation for under $1000 is the BenQ 1070. We also provided a couple other choices which we believe will do the job. If you are able to spend more then we would recommend taking a look at the BenQ 1080st model.

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