Best Home Movie Projectors for the Money in 2015

by Jane on July 31, 2015

Home Movie Projector Short List

Best for the money in 2015 

Below you will find a list of the different models which we consider the best. These choices will include projectors from $3000 to $400 and under and all the price points in between.

Our opinions are included but much of the list is taken from the input we have received from professional reviewers, as well as, projector fanatics from across the web.

Not that we want you to leave our site but the forum over at AVS is a great place to learn about what’s available and to have your questions answered. We spend a lot of time there ourselves.

Best Home Movie Projector under $3000


Starting at the top – the $3000 range in 2015

The goal shouldn’t be to spend as close to $3000 as possible thinking this means you’re getting the best for this amount of money. In fact, we believe you can spend a lot less.

Have you ever heard of the Sony VPLHW 40 ES? It’s the slick one pictured to the right here.

Hands down this Sony wins as the best home movie projector you can buy in 2015 for under $3000.

Dozens of times we have asked in various online forums, “What’s the best you can buy for $3000 or less?”. Over 90% of the responses were for the Sony VPLHW40ES.

The $2500 and under price point

This is easy to answer. See above. The Sony VPLHW4oES has a price under $2500.

Every model has both strengths and weaknesses. Other popular contenders to look at are: Epson PowerLite 5030UB, BenQ W7500 and Panasonic PT-AE8000. You may find a feature one of these provide that the others don’t.

Home cinema projector list 2015

Epson 5025UB

Best home movie projector under $2000 in 2015

Two models received the majority of the votes at this price point: Epson 5025 and the Panasonic AE8000.

Considering the quality and features provided by both we think it’s an amazing deal to be able to purchase either unit for less than $2000.

basement home movie theater projectors under $2000

Panasonic AE8000U

If you’re a person turning their basement into a home movie theater but have spending limit of no more than $2000 then you need to learn more about these two models.

People still argue which model is better. In our opinion, both have strengths and weaknesses when compared side by side.

See our review of Epson 5025 vs Panasonic AE8000

Epson 3000 home movie projector best for the money under 1500

Epson 3000

What’s in the under $1500 price range

Our choice at this price point is the Epson HC3000 1080p home movie projector. The price is $1150, well below the $1500 point. This should help if you’re also interested in buying a decent projector screen.

Because the Epson HC3000 has a price well below $1500, you may be thinking there’s something better if you spend a few more $100’s. All we can say, if you research this model you will find many experts telling you the same.

If you disagree that the Epson HC3000 is the best model at this price point in 2015, leave a comment telling us why and what you would recommend.

Under $1000

If you are looking to buy a 1080p high-definition home movie projector for under $1000, we have already reviewed the top choices. After seeing our list and the #1 top choice we think you will find others agree if you further do research.

Please remember we are talk about the best 2015 models, we can’t predict the future or what will come out in 2016.

Under $400

We have also reviewed the best in different projector categories in this price range (home movie, mini, presentation) see the list.

In conclusion

There are many quality home movie projectors we left off our 2015 list. We could have listed many others under all these different price points. We believe we have listed the best.

But we also know individuals needs are subjective. One person may put the most value brightness, while another may be looking for the greatest level of contrast.

There’s many features we can compare. What you should understand is all these projectors have strengths and weaknesses when compared side by side to their competitors.

With that said, we believe the models provided on our 2015 list are the most complete, the best value for the money. Those with the most strengths and least weaknesses.

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