Bose QC35 vs Beats Studio -Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

by Jane on January 10, 2017

 Comparison of Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Here we compare and review two very popular sets of wireless headphones the Bose QC35 vs Beats Studio. Whether you are purchasing for yourself or gift, there are few qualities to consider: style, battery life, range for wireless (bluetooth)/noise cancellation.

To people in older generations, the word Bose is automatically associated with superior sound quality with a large price tag. This company has been around for decades and has earned an outstanding reputation.

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Bose QC35 vs Studio beats wireless

Bose QC 35 Wireless

On the other hand, “Beats” is a fairly new company, by no fault of their own, just being new and unfamiliar to the consumer their reputation for quality isn’t as strong.

Why compare: Bose QC35 vs Beats Studio

One reason for the comparison, both are currently very popular buys in the wireless over-ear headphones category and for those stuck we want to give our opinion on which is the best buy for the money.

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Another reason, the marketing strategy of Beats Studio which uses many different famous people in their advertisements. A long time ago in a college marketing class a professor warned us about companies using celebrities and athletes to market their products. This influential approach creates a buzz or much hype around the product but says little about the quality.

Wireless headphones beats vs bose

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Bose has always taken a far more conservative approach in advertisements, never using these people of influence.

Comparing the quality

Below we rate each model on a 1 to 10 scale (10 being the highest score) in areas of style, battery life and Bluetooth Range/Noise Cancellation.


10 Beats – 7 Bose QC35

Battery life is always a factor when looking into not being connect to a digital component. Beats touts 12 hours of wireless connection and includes a aux cable with 20 hours of battery connected to given device. Bose QC35 records a 20 hours of wireless audio enjoyment with a Lithium ion battery and if you just so happen to bring the audio cable and stay connected with up to 40 hours.

Battery Life

8 Beats – 10 Bose QC35

Wireless Range or Bluetooth range is the distance in which you can have the headset away from the device in which you are connected. Though they are both comparable the Beats being 30 feet and the QC35 being 33 Feet, more important determinate is noise cancellation. Beats sup bar at best and mutely being compared to lower quality bluetooth headsets with same features. The Bose QC35 takes the slate with a top notch Best-in-class Noise Cancellation system to provide better sounding music and the quite sounds quite.

Bluetooth Range/Noise Cancellation

7 Beats – 10 Bose QC35

Totals : Beats 25 Bose QC35 27

That is my assessment but remember to consider the buying purpose first and for most. Though you may want the superior sound quality and light weight options with the Bose QC35 or your recipient may prefer the color Red or Blue!

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