Brightness for classrooms – Epson Vs230

by Jane on July 11, 2015

Q: Is the Epson VS230 projector a good choice for classroom presentations in a moderate to a well lite room. If not, could you suggest another model in the $300 – 400 price range which would preform better?

A: From our testing, this projector provides enough brightness to work in a room with the lights on. We have also read numerous online reviews which agree with our opinion.

Note: The Epson VS230 is available at two different resolution levels, the lower SVGA (Price: $329) and the higher resolution, XGA (Price: $399).

Both versions are equally bright, however:

If your presentations will mainly consist of pictures and some text then the SVGA will work, however, if your presentations will primarily be text and numbers, especially spreadsheets on excel then the XGA resolution version of this model is the best choice.

2nd Note: This model is capable of producing screen images from 30 to 350 inches. 

The larger you make the on screen image, the more the brightness will be effected, reduced. If you make a 350 inch diagonal image but it looks dim, you should reduce the image size until you find the appropriate brightness that looks best and is acceptable to you.

Other Recommendations 

There’s a re reason why Epson is a very popular choice for business and classroom presentation projectors. Epson’s, 3LCD technology provides excellent white and color brightness which exceeds the majority of the competition.

Are there other models at the $300 – 400 price range that we would recommend?

Home movies and classroom

At the Epson VS230 price, the main competing model in 2015 for business and classroom presentation is the ViewSonic PJD5134. A bit brighter than the Epson VS230 but provides less image quality.

The slightly higher level of brightness, is not a reason to choose the ViewSonic PJD5134 over the Epson VS230, both models are bright enough.

We will say this about the ViewSonic PJD5134, it can function as a decent presentation model and if you want to use it at home, it has 3D capabilities and also has a decent refresh rate for use with gaming consoles.

Overall, if you need a dedicated presentation projector for your classroom or business we recommend the Epson VS230 over the ViewSonic PJD5134.

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