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by Jane on September 18, 2016

Why Epson projectors have brighter colors

brightness-of-epson-1040-home-movie-projectorIf you want a bright projector then you need to compare the Lumens ratings of your different options. For example, reading the product description or specifications for the Epson 1040 Home Cinema projector you will find a rating of 3000 Lumens for white brightness and 3000 Lumens for color brightness.

Then to compare the brightness of the Epson 1040 to another projector all you need to do is look at the Lumens rating of another projector? It should be this simple, but is it? 

It should be but when comparing the brightness of Epson projector to other models you will run into a problem.

Notice above when we first mentioned the brightness of the Epson 1040 we provided Lumen ratings for both, “white and color” brightness?

The problem you will run into when comparing, other projectors will only provide a Lumen rating for white brightness.

While white brightness is important to know, it is also important to know color brightness, especially, for people who are buying a projector for movies, gaming and streaming content where bright colors will more than likely improve the viewing experience.

White brightness is probably most important when it comes to “black and white“, a good example would be for PowerPoint presentations where black font is used on a white background.

This is why we have very favorable views of Epson models when it comes to buying home movie projectors, because they provide information on color brightness.

The Epson 1040 projector in a well-lit room

We were asked if the presence of ambient room light would effect the image of the Epson 1040. Whether or not this projector could be used during the daytime in a well lit room?

home cinema projector best projector for well lit rooms

Do projectors work in well lit rooms?

We understand some people want a projector to use for movies, gaming or streaming content during the daytime with sunlight coming in through the windows.

Before giving a definite, “yes or no” answer, we want to say, projectors are machines which are made to perform best in dark environments. The more light present in the room, the greater effect this will have on the image quality projected. But some projectors do handle the presence of room light better than others.

As we already went over above, the Epson 1040 projector is rated at 3000 Lumens in both white and color brightness.

There are brighter projectors on the market but 3000 Lumens is a fairly high rating for brightness. While we aren’t going to say its the best possible choice on the market but will say if you are a person looking to buy a budget 1080p high definition projector for movies, gaming and content streaming in a well lit room the Epson 1040 is one to consider if it falls in your price range.

Other models similarly priced in 2016 you also might want to consider:

  • Optoma H141X
  • Optoma HD142X
  • BenQ W1070

Whatever projector you do decide to buy and your major use will be during the daytime in a room that will have a good amount of ambient light we would recommend buying a model that provides at least 2500 Lumens.

Epson 1040 Projector adjustments for a well lit room

The following can be applied to using any projector model in a well lit room. How big of a screen image should you project?

If you read in the specifications or, you can even find this information in the product description it says the Epson 1040 is capable of producing a 80-inch image 8 feet from the screen and a 119-inch image when the projector is sitting back 12 feet from the screen.

While it doesn’t state the room light conditions used to provide this screen image vs distance information we are confident to say the testing probably wasn’t performed in a well lit room environment. So this means for the best image quality in a well lit environment you will probably need to more the projector closer to the screen which will decrease the image size but it will decrease the effect of light has on the image being projected.

We would also recommend reading the owners manual to learn how to make adjusts to colors, contrast, saturation and any different brightness modes that may be available. More than likely the preset factory setting which it comes with when you first turn it on will not be the best for your specific room environment.

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