Buy the Sony VPLHW40ES or the Epson 5030 projector now or wait

by Jane on August 25, 2015

We wanted to take a minute to respond to a question recently asked in August 2015 on the subject of, “Buying the Sony VPLHW40ES or the Epson 5030 projector now or waiting until October/November?”.

The person who emailed us this question, noted, both of these home cinema models have recently went on sale at many places but wonders if projectors hitting the market in October or November of 2015 will include any major advances that are worth waiting for.

In general, new projector releases do not operate on a yearly schedule such as TV’s or cars. It’s true, many new year models of a variety of different products are predictably released in October and November (just before Xmas) however, product cycles of projectors are not this easy to predict.

If we were the betting type (and we are) we would bet what you see now in August is what you will see in Oct and Nov 2015. From our experience, just as many new projector models come out after Xmas as before.

In case you didn’t know

If you are not quite up to speed on the best in home cinema projectors – For the past couple years and into 2015, the Sony VPLHW40ES or the Epson 5030 projector have served as the “gold standard” for under $3000. We prefer the Sony.

What’s this about being on sale? The last time we checked (a month or so ago) the Sony model was priced at around $2500 and the Epson 5030 around $2300. After, receiving this question we needed to verify the the price discount talked about.

Sure enough, the emailer with the question was correct both models are now discounted at Amazon for under $2000.

Our final answer

Hanging out at different online forums related to projectors, we can’t tell you how many times we have been involved in discussions about Sony VPLHW40ES and Epson 5030 projectors. Or how many people have said once these models drop below $2000, they will be buying.

In our opinion, if you are currently looking for a home cinema model and these are in your price range, neither model will disappoint. We do prefer the Sony 40ES.

If you are looking for something a little more affordable for yourself, see our list of the best from $3000 all the way down to $400.

You can keep comparing and waiting for new models to hit the market before pulling the trigger. More than likely, this will only cause you more and more frustration and confusion.

Finally, after waiting and waiting, a new model hits the market. And what happens, we learn the new advanced features or more “icing” than “meat”, this happens far too often with home cinema projectors.

What we suggest, buy the best you can afford now and enjoy the viewing. Take good care of it. When something new comes out that you want, sell your current projector and upgrade to what you want.

You can’t wait and wait and wait

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