Can the DBPOWER HD LED projector be used in a well lite room?

by Jane on May 28, 2016

We were asked if the DBPOWER HD LED projector could be used in a room with the lights on? The first thing we want to say, with any projector the image looks better with the lights off or in a dimly lite room. There’s a reason why the lights go off when you watch a movie at the movie theater.

If for some reason you the projector you buy must be able to project an image in a well-lite room, for the most part this model will work in this environment. For being as inexpensive as it is the DBPOWER does has a good rating of 2000 lumens. However, we would at least suggest turning off or turning any lights away from shining directly into the screen.

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The light source is LED which by manufacturers ratings has 50,000 hours of life. Compared to more expensive projectors with “traditional” light sources which may last 5,000 hours this is one advantage a cheap projector like the DBPOWER HD LED model would provide.

Don’t take this the wrong way, we are not comparing the image quality of this cheaper projector to the image quality provided by more expensive models. But if you are on a budget and can only spend around $200 this is one of the top models at this price range in 2016. See more recommendation in the price range for 2016.

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