Can you plug the iPad into the Ivation Portable Projector

by Jane on August 26, 2016

Question: Is it possible to plug the an iPad into the Ivation Portable Projector? Is it compatible, will it work?

This question was asked by a teacher who was interested in buying a small portable projector to use in her classroom for PowerPoint presentations.

The simple answer is Yes.

Ivation Portable projector connecting with IPad

Using with the IPad

Looking at the input and output ports of the iPad and this Ivation projector there should be no issue at all connecting and using these devices together for PowerPoint presentations or even if you wanted to stream content or play a movie from your iPad.

How will you connect? Through HDMI

The instructional video below provides much good general information on how to connect a projector to an iPad. The video is not specifically about connecting the Ivation portable projector.

But, this video will still help you learn how to connect to the iPad. At about the 5 minute mark of the video it reviews exactly how and what you will need to connect the Ivation portable projector to your iPad using the HDMI port. This will show you exactly how to do it.

Review of the connection steps in the video

  • Need an HDMI cable.
  • The one end of a standard HDMI cable will plug directly into the HDMI port of the projector.
  • Need Apple HDMI adapter.
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the Apple HDMI adapter then plug the other end of the adapter into the power socket of the iPad.

You can see how this is done by watching the video above, fast forward to the 5 minute mark.

Buying the right adapter to buy

What you do need to make sure you do is buy the correct apple adapter for your iPad. What we mean by correct. iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 exist.

Some of the adapters for sale are compatible with multiple versions but you will need to read in the product description to make sure you buy an adapter compatible with the version of the iPad you own.

There are cheap generic imitation adapter available, however, we do prefer the adapters made by Apple. These cost a little more but for us the higher quality is worth the extra money spent.

Is the Ivation Portable Projector good for PowerPoint?

We would say this depends on the room environment and size of the group being presented to. We would say that the resolution level is good for images, charts and tables. Also, black text on a white background both large and small fonts also show up on the screen image well.

However, a common weakness of portable projectors of this size is they do not have great brightness output. This means you will need to use it in a dark room. Also, the maximum recommended screen image size this Ivation model can produce is around 80-inches. While not small, 80-inches is probably best for presentations to smaller groups sitting closer to the screen rather than for larger groups in large rooms where many people may be sitting further away from the screen.

For further information see our review and rating of the Ivation Portable.

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