Charging the RIF6 Cube Projector – Micro-USB?

by Jane on June 16, 2015

How is the battery charged? Through a Micro-USB?

We recently wrote a review of the new 2015 RIF6 Cube projector. Upon finishing this review more and more people are asking specific questions which may or may not have been included in our previous write-up.

RIF6 Cube charge micro usb

Micro-Mini port?

One question we have seen commonly pop up is about the battery charge port. Specifically, is the port which charges the battery a Micro USB or something proprietary?

Answer: The charging is through a Micro-USB port. We understand why people are curious to know this answer.

It seems to make an extra buck a tactic that’s becoming more common is for companies to require the use of their our special proprietary chargers.

Not only does this end up costing the consumer extra money but having a million different charge cords laying around the house isn’t ideal. The good thing about the RIF6 Cube projector is it only requires a Micro-USB cord to charge the battery.

If you are interested in learning more about this mini portable projector which has built in battery, the video review below does and excellent job showing what this new (2015) cube projector is all about, how it works and what comes with the purchase. (Price:$269).

Does it only run on battery power?

No. The battery is only for when you need it. It can be plugged into the wall and used as you would any electric device in your home.

I foyu are currently looking to buy a mini portable projector in 2015 for under $300 the RIF6 Cube projector has been growing in popularity since it’s release. Read our review.

If you are interested in learning about the best projectors currently available for less than $300 (not necessarily mini models) then we have listed these here.

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