CO-Z 3D LED Multimedia Projector – is it 1080p and best for the money

by Jane on November 28, 2016

Read this before buying the CO-Z 3D LED/LCD 1080P Multimedia Projector!

We don’t own this model so we haven’t tested it ourselves but from glancing over this model’s specifications we can tell you something very important about the level of resolution provided.

We decided to discuss this after watch a review of the CO-Z LED Projector on the Mind Seed TV YouTube channel.

In the review and in the title of the video this reviewer refers to the CO-Z as a high definition 1080p resolution projector. But is this true? Another claim made is this is the best projector for under $300. Is this true?

See our explanations to these two questions below the video:

About the level of resolution

Is this a 1080p high definition multimedia projector? Definitely not. A common problem we run into with reviews of inexpensive projectors like the CO-Z LED is very often the term 1080p high definition will be included in both the product title and also throughout the product description.

This can be very misleading to the consumer.

And many of the people reviewing (Mind See TV) these cheaper models will mistakenly lead the consumer to believe these cheap model are 1080p high definition.

However, in the case of the CO-Z LED projector the 1080p in the product title and description actually means compatible with 1080p content.

This means when you connect a 1080p device (DVD, Blu-ray, iPhone) the projector will be able to play this higher resolution content but the content will be played down to the native resolution of the projector.

What is the native resolution of the CO-Z projector? 

800 x 480 which is a step lower than 1080p.

If you are a person looking to buy a quality but lower price true 1080p projector there are three different models that are worth checking out. Granted these models are more expensive than the CO-Z but in 2016-2017 these are probably the least expensive 1080p choices on the market. See the suggestions.

Best projector under $300

Are you on a budget and can not afford to spend more? As we said, in the Mind Seed TV review video it is claimed that this is the best projector in the $300 and under price range.

Admittedly we have not tested this model ourselves. However, since this is sort of a generic brand we have our doubts about it being the best. We have a page of suggested brand name models in this price range to choose from.

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