Color Brightness rating – ViewSonic PDJ5134 good for home theater?

by Jane on March 9, 2016

Before buying: Know about color output

Did you know the ViewSonic PDJ5134 was made for business and classroom presentations? We ask this question because we have read many, many comments and reviews (the vast majority) left by owners and also in questions from people interested in buying this projector who talk about this model as being a home movie or gaming projector.

ViewSonic PJD5134 color ratingIf read this model’s product description page at Amazon you will see the ViewSonic company refers to this model as being a presentation projector over and over.

You will even see images like this one, which obviously shows a business and classroom setting. Obviously not a picture of a family sitting on the couch enjoying a movie, right?

Understanding color output or brightness

If you did visit the product page linked above you will notice this projector has received very high marks in its star ratings. We agree this is a model has more than a few positives we also like very much! See our overall review here.

However, we want to bring something to your attention called brightness (lumens) and how it ties into color output. If you read over the specifications of the ViewSonic PDJ5134 you will eventually find it is rated at 3000 lumens for brightness. This is actually a very good rating! However, this rating does not tell the entire story.

What is it (3000 lumens) actually measuring?

The 3000 lumens is a measurement of “white brightness” only, it says absolutely nothing about how bright colors appear in the projected image. Knowing the white brightness output is much more important when it comes to choosing a presentation projector vs. a home movie model.

On the other hand knowing color brightness is much more important when deciding which model to buy for home movies or even gaming. What is the color brightness rating of the ViewSonic PDJ5134? And since this is attribute not listed in either the specifications or on the product page, how did we discover this information? We will answer both questions.

  • Color brightness of this model: 670 lumens
  • Discovered here

We do not consider 670 lumens of color output a very good rating for a model used as a home movie projector.

Similarly priced higher color for movies

As we said, the ViewSonic PDJ5134 has received many good reviews and high star ratings from people who use it for movies and gaming.

But our goal on this site is to help you make the best decision. While color brightness is only one attribute of a projector we do believe it is a significant one, especially when it comes to finding the best in your price range for home movie viewing. While not an exhaustive list, below you will find examples of similarly priced models with high ratings in this color brightness category.

Epson Home Cinema 640 – 3200 lumens

Epson Home Cinema 2040 – 2200 lumens

Optoma GT750e – 950 lumens

These are only a couple examples of home movie projectors that beat the PDJ5134 in color brightness rating. If you would like to check out how more models rate find the tool here where you will also find informational videos on the subject.

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