Dashbon Flicks Mobile Cordless Boombox Projector Review

by Jane on April 17, 2016

There are many interesting projectors that have hit the market in late 2015 and early 2016 which are already receiving high marks and reviews from customers. The Dashbon Flicks Mobile Cordless Boombox Projector was one immediately catching our eye.

Besides operating on an LED light source and having a long lived built-in battery for movies and music, it also improves on a major flaw seen with just about every other projector. The image below might provide a hint. Can you guess which flaw it improves on?

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Dashbon Flicks Mobile Cordless Boombox Projector review

Improvement on the big flaw

For some, looking at the image above may make this improvement quite obvious. For others who may not be as familiar with the projector industry this will not be as obvious.

Overall, one of the biggest weaknesses of projectors is poor sound quality and loudness provided by the built-in speakers. For the most part this has been accepted and one will need to connect an external audio source.

But the Dashbon Flicks Boombox Projector goes a long way in solving this need. It provides high quality precision tuned speakers including a subwoofer for bass. The high quality audio of these speakers provides versatility, allowing it to realistically double as sound system, radio or boombox. Or simply great option for playing music.

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Dashbon Flicks Mobile Cordless Boombox Projector Model 280WH Electronics review

With that said, the image quality, although not bad, its nothing new. The resolution of this projector is 720p. However, the colors and contrast provided are quite good. The contrast ratio is 10,000:1 and it supports over 16 million different shades of color.

The brightness is quite good. At a proximity 8.5 feet away from the screen we were able to produce a 100-inch screen image.

Note: As we mentioned, this model provides 720p resolution. If you are a person wanting the higher 1080p resolution there are options priced similarly. If you are a person who wants to buy and set up a 1080p movie projector for their home and you also have no problem with hooking up an external audio source then this Dashbon model probably isn’t the best choice for you.

1080p choices best for the home in the $1000 price range

Recommending other models in the link above doesn’t mean we are saying the Dashbon Flicks Boombox Projector is a bad choice. It provides excellent versatility. Whether or not its the best choice for you depends completely on how you plan to use it.

Who we recommend it for

Although you could use it in your home for playing movies and streaming content the biggest strengths of this model are found in its mobility and sound system. For whatever reason, if you are looking for something you can use outside…? Maybe you want to have something you can take on camping trips or wherever you go where there isn’t a power source to plug into this would be an excellent mobile choice.

The built-in battery and outdoor use

One thing you need to be aware of before buying is that two versions of this model exist. The first, provides 140WH recharable lithium ion battery and the other provides a 280WH battery.

All other specifications and features of these two versions are the same.

The 140WH battery version provides 4 hours of movie play time and 28 hours of music on a single charge. The 280WH battery provides 8 hours of projector use and 56 hours of music.

Specifications and features

Provides a decent level of resolution (720p), very good color display (over 16 million colors), high 10,000:1 contrast, a bright LED light source. These are not bad specifications for a entry-level home movie projector. If you don’t have an external audio source to connect a significant plus is the boom box styled speakers included with this model.

This isn’t the smallest or lightest project between the 140WH and 280WH battery versions the model weighs 6.2 and 7.7 pounds respectively. The dimensions of both versions at identical at 5.3 x 11.8 x 6.5 inches (H x W x D).

Equipped with a decent number of useful ports. On the back side you will find a HDMI and a USB port which will allow you to connect to virtually any external device (laptop, iPad, iPhone, DVD, Blu-ray, Bluetooth etc, etc). Of course you will find a power port which will be used for charging the battery or powering the projector when using it indoor.

Other ports include an audio in port and a headphone port.

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Dashbon Flicks Boombox Projector – conclusion

This projector is made for a certain type of person. Someone who needs to take the projector out of the home. If you are looking for a dedicated home movie projector for the money this probably isn’t the best choice.

This is a mobile projector. If you are needing a model to take with you anywhere. The long lived battery life and the boombox quality speakers make this a very good option to fulfill these needs.

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