ELEGIANT LED portable mini projector is it 1080p HD

by Jane on September 8, 2016

Is the ELEGIANT LED portable mini projector high definition (HD) 1080P resolution?

This is not a full review, we don’t own the model and the model has received high ratings from the customers who bought. However, we do want to address what pisses us off about how some (most) cheap projectors are marketed online.

Resolution is the key  – Everyone wants a high definition device this is a big selling point. More pixels the better, most people already know 1080p resolution (besides 4K) is consider high definition.

So what pisses us off about the Elegiant LED mini projector?

The other day we read the ADVERTISEMENT, “Mini Projector,ELEGIANT Portable 1080P LED Projector.”

Read what customers say about this projector at Amazon

Mini Projector, ELEGIANT

Is it high definition


So we clicked through to take a look.

Besides the 1080p in the headlines, the first thing we noticed was the price. And as low as it was, the first thing we thought, “there is no way this projector is 1080p resolution”.

The big mistake they want you to make

Or not notice. Not only this ELEGIANT Mini projector but so many other cheaper projectors being sold online include 1080p resolution in their product description…

I can only call this a trick to get you to buy

The fact is the Elegiant mini projector is not going to provide you with 1080p high definition resolution. So why do they include 1080p in their product description. Is it a lie?

Is it a lie? Yes and NO. Its a very careful lie.

What the projector will actually do is accept a signal from a 1080p external device.

For example,

If you buy this ELEGIANT Mini projector you will be able to connect to a 1080p resolution device such as a DVD player or a Blu-ray.

The projector is capable of interpretation the signal and showing it on screen. But the Big hitch?

The resolution from these 1080p devices will be played down to the NATIVE RESOLUTION of the Elegiant mini which is 480 x 320. Much lower than 1080p.

Read what customers say about this projector at Amazon

Is it a bad buy?

After the negatives we have said, you must think we have a bad opinion on this model. As we said, we do not own this model so we can’t give a full review. We were only pointing out what could be misleading for some people in the product description

The price is extremely cheap, many days I spend much more on food compared to what it would cost to buy this.

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