ELEPHAS LED HOME MOVIE PROJECTOR is it 1080p high definition resolution

by Jane on September 28, 2017

Is the ELEPHAS LED HOME MOVIE PROJECTOR the best inexpensive 1080p high definition resolution projector on the a market in 2017-2018?

NO! Let us explain

While many customers have left positive reviews and remarks after purchasing this model, we want to make sure you understand what you are getting if you decided to buy this model.

Why it isn’t the best cheap 1080p projector

The reason the ELEPHAS LED Home Movie projector isn’t the best cheap 1080p projector for the money is because it is not 1080p resolution!

This model provides a native resolution of 800 x 480P. Which is lower than 1080p.

A common resolution misunderstanding

A very common “potential” misunderstanding is the way many product descriptions of low end inexpensive projectors read.

Many times a customer interested in one of these cheap models will read words like “compatible with” or “supports” 1080p.

This leads some people to believe the projector they are looking is true 1080p resolution.

But this is a mistake.

What “compatible” or “supports” actually means, the projector is able to accept the signal and play content from a 1080p external source.

For example, say you connect a 1080p Blu-Ray player through the HDMI port to the ELEPHAS LED Home Movie projector.

The 1080p content from the Blu-Ray will be accepted and played but the image resolution projected onto the screen will be played down to the lower 800 x 480P native resolution of this projector.

Not a death sentence

We only wanted to explain the true resolution (800 x 480P) of this model. Overall, for the price, although it is not high definition the ELEPHAS LED Movie projector does hold value. As we remarked earlier, this model has received good ratings and reviews from customers.

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