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by Jane on November 17, 2014

Epson 8350 home cinema projector: Find the best price!

Epson 8350 PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 best priceThis highly rated 1080p HD home theater projector has been on the market for a few years but still remains a popular choice among consumers. As you can see from the ratings the vast majority of buyers give it 5 or 4 star rating.

If the 1-star ratings cause you to question whether this is the best model for you. We have reviewed this model. Remember, there’s no such thing as the perfect product and people also love to complain.

Where can you find the best price?

Epson PowerLite 8350 price

How much should you buy it for?

Epson’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is $1,299.00. While many places still sell this model at the suggested MSRP this is not the best price, not even close. If a refurbished Epson 8350 model is something you might consider you can buy one at their company’s website site from under $800

We have done research. First, our list below includes only places to buy that we consider trustworthy. Secondly, we did our price research on the Epson 8530 model towards the end of 2014 so

How much should you pay?

  • Amazon – $888.97
  • B&H Photo-Video-Audio – $888.97
  • Projector People – $889.00
  • Crutchfield – $1099.99
  • Visual Apex – $889.00

What about buying from EBAY

While writing this price review we did see the Epson 8530 projector being offered on EBAY for $775.00 + $45.00 shipping. These types of deals usually do not last very long. If you decide to buy on EBAY make sure you do research on the seller you are buying from.

Most EBAY sellers are good and honest people but when it comes to spending around $800 or more, it would be wise if you checked out their ratings and comments left from other people who have bought a product from them.

PowerLite projector prices

The 8350 home cinema projector is a member of Epson’s “PowerLite” product line which includes, in total, 9 different models. The line is built on being 1080p HD, high contrast and performance projectors for the home.

The models range in price from under $1000 to over $2500 (currently in 2014-2015). They are designed to provide a great viewing experience for movies, video games and sports and include both 2D and 3D capabilities, with bright images up to 300″.

See all models in this category and where to find the best price.

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