Epson EX5210 Why it Shines in the $500 Price Range

by Jane on October 10, 2014

Impressed the Moment the Box was Open

Arriving on the doorstep we brought the package containing the Epson EX5210 business projector inside. Opening it we first saw the projector was over packed, secured very nicely, safe from possible shipping damage.

Once we cleared the packing away to take a better look we found a nice little surprise, the projector itself comes with a padded carrying case with a pocket on the side. This was not mentioned in the description of the product.

Taking it out of this case we were also very impressed with the look and style of the Epson EX5210, very sleek, a shiny black with white embossed letters. That’s great but does it function as good as it looks?

Review of the Functionality 

Epson EX5210 Projector RatingBest use: Portable Business projector. Versatile enough for movies and gaming.

Find mention and review of the most important features below:

Epson EX5210 Projector Review

XGA Resolution (1024 x 768)

Resolution level isn’t the only feature to consider when buying a projector but definitely a major factor to consider or at least should be when a person is deciding which projector will fit his or her needs. The Epson EX5210 has a native resolution of XGA (1024 x 768).

This is close to but below high-definition resolution. As nice as this projector model is (Priced at $529) we do need to let you know, if you’re a person who absolutely needs high-definition resolution then this model isn’t the right choice for you. But also understand you will probably need to pay an extra $150-200 compared to the priced of this Epson model.

What you should understand this was designed primarily for use as a portable business projector. Do you really need to pay extra money to bore people in high-definition during the PowerPoint presentations over “The Bottom Line”?

That’s a joke!!! But really, if you’re buying a projector solely for presentations you probably don’t need something in the high-definition spectrum.

Top 1080p High-Definition Choices

Output of Brightness and Colors

How can you give a proper and effective PowerPoint presentation without a projector displaying of life-like colors and proper brightness? The answer is you can’t.

The Epson 3LCD, 3-chip technology is built into this EX5210 model. This technology allows the model to put out an amazing 2800 lumens of both color and white brightness. This amount is well above most competing business projector, not only in the $500 price range but also well above.

HDMI and USB connectivity for easy “Plug-n-Play”

The projector has a HMDI port located in the rear to allow you to plug in your favorite external devices. The HDMI port is located to the right of the “blue” computer outlet in the image below.

A very advance feature of this model is you don’t even need to connect the projector to a computer to run a presentation. This is made possible by the presence of the USB type-A and B ports outlined in read below.

Epson EX5210 Projector Business Projector Review

Horizontal and Vertical image Correction

Very easy to use and a highly valuable tool. The vertical image correction is programmed in and gives the projector the ability to correct the image on the vertical plane automatically.

Image Correction Epson EX5210 ProjectorThe horizontal correction is slightly more complicated to accomplished manually but it’s no doubt a very simple task to perform once you have done it once or twice.

You start by turning the projector on and getting the image up on the screen to see how it looks. If it happens to be slanted to the left or right then you will need to use the manual, “horizontal correction”. Located on top of the projector is a slider, depending on the adjustment you need to make you either slide it to the left or right.


There are so many different projector models on the market to choose from. Even looking at only models specifically built for business presentations in the $500 price range you will find quite a few to choose from.

What we like about the Epson EX5210 model, it provides a good image more than sufficient for presentation use, easy to set-up and has a solid set of features and ports in the rear. What makes this model shine for is the USB ports, allowing the use to make a presentation without a computer.

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