Epson EX5240 XGA 3LCD – Affordable Data/Presentation Projector

by Jane on March 13, 2016

The Epson EX5240 XGA 3LCD Projector hit the market in the latter half of 2015. This is a presentation projector for small rooms (not large conference rooms) it demonstrates very strong image quality for data, along with above average ability to handle video data.

Before going further into this review, those needing a model with WI-FI, this model does not include this capability. If you are a person who doesn’t need to send data through a wireless (WI-FI) connection, the EX5240 provides cost-saving when compared to “wireless models” with the same level of image and video quality for presentations.

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Epson EX5240 XGA 3LCD Data Projector Review

Product description and features  

The product dimensions are 13.6 x 14 x 6.2 (inches ) and weighs 5.4 lbs. Not the smallest or lightest but still highly portable. For presenters traveling from place to place, purchase does include a compact carrying case.

The resolution level of the EX5240 is XGA (1024 x 768) this is not high definition but for the purpose of showing data (images and video) in a business or classroom setting XGA resolution is fairly common and serves its purpose.

This model runs on Epson LCD (liquid crystal display) technology providing 3200 lumens of both white and color brightness.

The Lamp life is rated at 10,000 hours. ***Note this rating is based on running the projector in “eco mode”. Using this mode does decrease the overall brightness output.

Versatile in ports, connecting to different external devices should not be a problem. The connectivity ports include VGA, HDMI, USB A and B, S-Video and composite audio/video.

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Epson EX5240 connectivity ports

Epson EX5240 connectivity ports

As mentioned earlier at the top of the page, this model does not have wireless capabilities and it also does not play 3D content.

Image Quality Rating

Out of the box, the 1.2x zoom lens and the horizontal keystone correction made set-up easy and quick. We connected the EX5240 to our Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop and loaded an old PowerPoint presentation to project onto the screen. The presentation consisted of mainly black text on a white background at a few different font sizes (16 to 8 point) and it also contained more than a few images.

In a room with a moderate amount of ambient light, we tested the image quality at two distances. The first was at a distance (throw) of 6 feet from the screen, producing about a 60-inch diagonal image. The second test distance was at 10 feet, producing just over a 100-inch diagonal screen image.

The overall resolution of the image was consistent with what we have seen in the past when testing other XGA resolution projectors. Image and text degradation from a distance of 6 feet to 10 feet was present but would require a keen eye to notice.

The black text on white background showed up well at both throw distances (6 and 10 feet) and was readable even at a font size of 8 point. The color balances of the images in was very good. Epson projectors with equal white and color brightness, like the EX5240 has, always seem to outperform other company models in the area of color balance of images.

The only negative on how this model handled colors was in the area of “grays” on one extreme their were hints of green and on the other hints of red tones. However, the ability or lack thereof, to handle “grays” is a common problem with any projector and also flat screen TV’s. We were able to minimize the problem by making color adjusts within the menu.

Video Quality Rating

Compared to text and images, video is far less common to find in presentations. However, if you are a presenter who commonly adds video to your presentations we see no problem with the ability of this model to handle it. One positive, since this model runs on LCD technology there will not be the presence of the “rainbow effect” that some sensitive eyes experience when viewing video projector by DLP technology.

Before publishing the Epson EX5240 projector review

Our conclusion: If a person has no need for wireless or 3D capabilities then the Epson EX5240 is a good data/presentation projector choice in it’s price range. It’s obviously not the best on the market but is an affordable option that handles both text, images and videos well.

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Note: We tested this model in our home, early November 2015, which was not long after it first hit the market. Based on price and intended use (model for small room presentations), we were able to quickly come to a conclusion on the overall quality.

However, our usual routine before publishing any of reviews on this site includes also reading customer comments, as this allows better insight into the overall satisfaction level of any product. Shows us what we got wrong. What we got right!

The first real wave of buyers for this model came during the 2015 Holiday Season! So it took a couple of months before a good amount of customer feedback came in. Only after taking customer feedback on this item into consideration did we decide to publish this review. One thing that was pleasing and encouraging, the vast majority of customer feedback did agree with our initial conclusion on the quality of this model.

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