Epson Projector Reviews and Comparisons

Epson, is a world leading developer and manufacturer of some of the highest quality projectors on the market. The company’s portfolio includes an enormous selection of models at a wide range of prices, functionalities and specifications.

What ever you need. No matter if you are interested in home movies or presentations in the classroom or at work, this company has quality models at very competitive prices.

The only area Epson is lacking, SUPER small mini projectors, although they do offer many lightweight, portable options.

Epson Projector Reviews and Comparisons

Find reviews on specific Epson projectors, along with comparisons to other models and also general information.

Home Movies, BrightnessThe Epson 3500 is a good projector with many features. However, there are many models with better specifications. In this review we explain why the Epson 3500 could be the better choice, even above more expensive models with better specification ratings.
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Epson 2040 vs 2045
Home MoviesThe 2040 and 2045 are very similar. Here, we explain the subtle difference. Read More.
Epson 1040 BrightnessHome Movies, Brightness, day time useIs this projector bright enough to be used in the daytime?earn why Epson projectors are so bright.
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Epson EX5240 XGA 3LCD ProjectorData/Presentation It lacks a bit in brightness, so we would recommend this model to a person making presentations in smaller rooms. It lightweight (5.3 lbs.) and compact. Provides wireless for connecting through WI-Fi .
PowerLite Home Cinema 8350
Home MoviesThis is a high definition 1080p resolution home movie projector that has been on the market since around 2010. So yes, it will lack some features more current projectors have and it is a bit heavy over 10 pounds. But for someone looking for a decent affordable price on a 1080p resolution beamer this is a option.

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