Fugetek FG-857 – Is it a waste of money

by Jane on August 7, 2015

What can be more confusing for a person wanting to buy a budget projector? In some reviews the Fugetek FG-857 (Price at Amazon)is given a 5 or 4-star rating, in others, the model is said to be worse than stepping in dog-dew.

So what’s the truth? While this is definitely not the a high-performance, high definition projector, we think many of the bad reviews come from people who don’t understand what they are buying or have higher than realistic expectations.

With that said we are not saying to go out and purchase this projector. There are a few upsides to the model but more quirks. We personally think you would be better off spending a bit more on a high quality projector.

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If you must have it

Pointing out price, resolution, contrast and a few misconceptions 

How much does it cost? Or how much is the most you should pay? If you see this model selling for more than $230, you are buying it at the wrong store. Don’t pay more than $230 in 2015 for this model.

Fugetek FG-857

 What resolution level does the Fugetek FG-857 provide?

As we said at the top of the page this is not a 1080p HD resolution projector. As much as you might want to believe this is a high definition don’t do it!

The Fugetek FG-857 is a 720p resolution projector. This is actually not a bad resolution level, especially for a LED LCD projector costing around $200. But we want to point something out below.

First common mistake

If you have taken the time to read the product description or the specs on this model. Especially at Amazon, this may have caused you some confusion or to have been misled and might be the reason why some buyers have given it a lower rating in reviews.

In the product description, you will find mention of 1080p (1280 x 800) high definition resolution. We can understand how this can lead people into believing they are purchasing a high definition projector…

The truth, the mention of 1080p high definition resolution in the product description is only referring to what you can plug into this model and play content from.

For example, since the Fugetek FG-857 does have two HDMI ports, you can plug a 1080p device into it, such as a Blu-Ray player and the projector will play the content on the screen.

However, the resolution level projected on the screen will be at the lower 720p resolution of the projector.

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Many people get fooled into believing the inexpensive budget projector they are looking at is a 1080p high definition model when they read “1080p compatible” in the product description. This only means the projector is capable of accepting and playing content form higher resolution devices.

What about the contrast

Contrast is what makes dark colors stand out from lighter colors, for example the leopards spots in the image below, or is that a cheetah? The image below is actually a screen image projected by the Fugetek FG-857.

Contrast is a very important element to picture quality.

Fugetek FG-857 contrast review

The contrast level in the screenshot, while not the best we have seen, looks acceptable from a projector in the $200 price range.

We wish we could tell you the exact contrast ratio but we can’t. And it seems no one has the answer. We have seen other sites reviewing this models claiming: 600:1, 2000:1 and even 15000:1.

The most believable is 2000:1.

What about brightness and screen size

Brightness is an important factor for more than one reason. A super bright projector is able to project a viewable image in a room with the lights on.

Brightness also plays a huge role in the screen size. The larger the screen image, the higher level of brightness from a projector needed. How does the Fugetek FG-857 perform in the area of brightness?

Fugetek FG-857 screen size review

The lumen (brightness) rating on this projector is 2500. We do not believe this. And we will say, almost 100% of companies basically lie about their projector lumen (brightness) ratings.

If this projector was truly 2500 lumens, it would be able to handle room light and it would be able to projector a 300-inch screen image without degradation.

The truth – This is not a super bright projector, the 2500 lumen rating is an exaggeration. For the best image you will need to use it in a dark room.

Also, if yhou think it will be able to produce a 300-inch image, you are kidding yourself. From our testing, the 72-inches is the largest screen image this model is able to produce while keeping the best image quality.

LED light source – life 

The good news, the LED light source is rated for 20,000 hours.

The bottom line

If you’re willing to spend a little more ($100-150) we believe you can get a much higher quality projector.  While, it does have some upsides, especially considering its low price.

We can not completely recommending the Fugetek FG-857 (price at Amazon) as we believe you can buy higher quality if you can afford a extra $100. However, if you can’t afford to spend a cent more then just know you will not be getting a high tech machine.

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Joe January 1, 2018 at 8:40 pm

This review should be helpful to those people who do not understand native resolution. Good you point out this is not a true 1080p projector but rather can accept the signal from and play the content down to the lower native resolution of the fugetek 857.


Jane January 2, 2018 at 12:48 pm

Thanks Joe!!! Yeah, some have blasted us for pointing out the projector is not 1080p. Saying it is commonsense.


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