Google Home vs Amazon Echo

by Jane on February 20, 2017

Here we compare the Google Home vs Amazon Echo. Whether this is staying in your own home or as a gift there are a few qualities to consider style, performance in terms of usability and information, and features.

Today’s day and age consumers want answers or information instantly and with minimal energy. The creation of AI powered virtual assistants, this is accomplished with a touch of a button but in this case a tone of voice. Long standing Amazon Echo the first player in the industry and growing rival Google Home are presented to you today with a comparison and overall score.

Style: Amazon Echo collection 10 – Google Home 8

Being in the game for 2 years now, Amazon Echo has developed a sense of style with the use of 3 different options to choose from. Amazon Echo Dot (base model), Amazon Echo Tap (mid grade model), and the Amazon Echo (High end)) all in which give you a an ultimate benefit for each.

The Amazon Echo Dot is the most portable of the 3 models. Amazon Echo Tap performs more of a high end speaker with AI capabilities when connected to Wifi. The Amazon Echo encompasses them all into one mega machine that will fit into almost any setting with its sleek stylish design.

Google Home has only come out with one model but has interchangeable bases that include colors of carbon, copper, slate, snow, mango, marine, and violet. Creates optimal color in each setting being that the you can connect multiple google homes together but may not have the same color scheme in every room.

Performance: Amazon Echo 10 – Google Home 9

Performance is another key initiative when deciding which device best suites your habits and current devices. Amazon Echo has a voice detection system that continuously records picking up on key tones even when listening to music. Voice Activation is equipped with the call of “Alexa” which can be changed to “Echo” if you choose.

First in the market, they have proven to work with a number of third party applications such as Uber and Domino’s Pizza along with smart home apps like WeMo and Hue by Phillips. Controlling your energy cost with a hail of a voice. The always-listening device makes it easier for the entire family to control the smart home. Not far behind, Google Home has also equipped their device with a call phrase of “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” which enables a number of commands for music, sports scores, weather, traffic, nutrition and location of local businesses.

Google Home has become compatible with other products you may have at home or on the wish list like Samsung televisions, Nest thermostat/products or Chromecast. Being new into the market place, the Google Home product only has the ability to go up.

Features: Amazon Echo 9 – Google Home 10

The Amazon Echo features the ability to connect to Prime Music and Spotify as primary music players and is also equipped with its own built in speakers.

The limitations to the music catalog, the Amazon Echo offers fewer of its own services makes it more compatible to working with other third party applications. The Google Home uses its own music playing service of Google Play music to provide its music source.

Not stopping there, the Google Home also uses integration of Google Cast ecosystem which includes a catalog of Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio and thousands of other apps.

The winner

With that being said, the Amazon Echo seems to claim the throne at this stage in the game. There are plenty more battles to be tested especially when other AI-powered components are coming to the market by names such as Apple.

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