HDMI Connectivity – Celluon PicoPro

by Jane on June 24, 2015

After writing our original review on the Celluon PicoPro Mobile Projector we began to receive different questions from people interested in the product but needed further clarification on specifications and performance.

Many of these questions pertained to HDMI connectivity Will it connect to devices through HDMI?

Yes, a microHDMI port is located on the back side will allow you to connect to almost any electronically device (image showing the port):

PicoPro Mobile Projector HDMI port

HDMI Connectivity

The port shown in the picture above allows you to connect to almost any electronics device (Android, PC, laptop, tablets, gaming consoles).

IOS devices (Apple products) these can also be connected to but requires the purchase of a Lighting AV adapter (not included).


HDMI A to D Cable Connection

If you are buying a replacement cable, what you need to be aware of different types of HDMI cables exist. This particular model requires an HDMI A to D cable. These are fairly inexpensive on Amazon you can pick one up for between $5-6 not sure how much you will pay at Best Buy or your local electronics store.

Probably still fairly inexpensive but probably marked up at least a few dollars compared to what you would pay online for an A to D HDMI cable.

What’s expensive to buy is the Apple Lighting AV adapter you will need to buy if you have plans to connect to Apple devices. This is not the fault of the projector, it’s Apples propriety connections which cause more expensive prices for a simple adapter/cable. I believe this runs for about $50.

If you’re interested in learning more about this projector we have rated it and provided an overview on the features and capabilities.

The following video is also a good place to start if you are interested in learning more.

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