Home Theater Room – BenQ HT1075 or Epson HC3500

by Jane on September 8, 2015

You may not have the same exact question, however, the information below may be useful, especially if you’re currently interested in either the BenQ HT1075 or Epson HC3500 home movie projectors.

The Question

A person getting ready to start setting up a home movie theater room in his house. He was wondering which one of these models above we would recommend and how far back from from the screen he would need to sit these projectors in order to produce a 100 inch diagonal screen image.

How far back for a big 100-inch image

If you’re buying a projector for the first time wondering how far back a certain projector will need to sit from the screen in order to produce a certain screen image size, the specification you will need to look for is called throw ratio.

Ratios for models being discussed: 

  • BenQ HT1075 – 1.15-1.5:1 (1.3:1 zoom)
  • Epson HC3500 – 1.32 -2.15:1 (1.6x zoom)

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Understanding how to use the throw ratio specification is useful when shopping for a projector. It allows you to calculate how far you will need to set the projector from the screen in order to project a certain image size.

For example using the BenQ HT1075:

Listed above, the ratio for this model is 1.15 – 1.5:1. The reason for the range 1.15 – 1.5, this projector has a zoom lens. In fact, both of these models have zoom.

Without getting too complicated, this means for ever 1.15 or 1.5 feet this model is moved back the diagonal of the image will grow by a foot (or 12 inches). Not exact, but for this BenQ model to produce a 100 inch image it will need to sit around 9 feet back from the screen.

Here’s a great tool that will calculate the distance for just about any model.

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Which is the better model

First, depending on how much you want to spend both provide quality. relative to their price. Both are 1080p high definition resolution, both provide excellent brightness and contrast levels. Both will give the owner a good experience in viewing movies or gaming.

However, in a head-to-head comparison one of these models wins hands down.

The winner? Hands down is the Epson HC3500 vs. BenQ HT1075. There’s a reason why the Epson HC3500 costs more.

This is not to say the BenQ HT1075 doesn’t provide a quality movie and gaming experience relative to it’s price, it does. In fact, if you are wanting to buy a quality home movie model for under $1000 this is one of the top choices you can purchase in 2015.

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