How bright is the Celluon PicoPro HD laser Projector

by Jane on June 23, 2015

Do the lasers make it brighter? See the Videos below

After finishing our initial review of the Celluon PicoPro projector we began receiving specific questions from customer inquiring more information on certain aspects of this model’s performance capabilities. One of the most common questions was about brightest (lumens).

Q: Can the images produced be easily viewed in a well lite room? Or does it require near or complete darkness?

A: The truth is, not all, but many pico or mini projectors on the market provide below average brightness when compared to larger more traditional models.

In fact, many less expensive, lower quality larger traditional projector models can have lower than desirable brightness.

How do we rate the brightness of the Celluon PicoPro HD laser model? How about we show you?

Read what customers think at Amazon

Image brightness in dark room

We have three videos on this page. The first two show how bright the image looks in when the room is dark(er). The third video shows how the image looks in a room with lights on.

#1 Streaming YOUTUBE connected to the Xbox one gaming console

#2 Image connected to Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

How do you think the brightness looked in the too examples above? When we had the opportunity to test the model we were satisfied with the image.

See the overall rating customers give this model at Amazon

How about in a room with the lights on

Now the real challenge is how it looks when the lights are on? The “flickering” you see in the video is cause by the frame spread of the camera not the PicoPro projector:

You should notice it’s less bright in a well lite room but still decent. No?

If you’re interested to learn more about our opinions on this new 2015 HD laser model and the different features visit our review page.

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