HP Envy 5530 e All In One Printer Reviews

by Jane on October 8, 2015

What do customers say in reviews about the HP Envy 5530 e all one printer, are they satisfied with their purchase? Or do major complaints exist? Read here to find out.

First off, we must stress, this photo printer is aimed at home-use, we are not recommending this for businesses or offices, where speed and volume of printing is probably a little more important. This an inexpensive photo printer, it’s not a workhorse, not the fastest, but at the same time, is capable of printing above average quality. Think, “Parents or Grandparents, printing photos of their kids and grandchild.”.



HP Envy 5530 e Printer


What can it do

Since the HP Envy 5530 e printer all in one printer is not an enormously expensive item most people probably don’t mull over the decision for months as to whether or not to buy it as they would with more expensive items.

However, it still helps to know what you are buying.

So what can it do? As the name suggests “all-in-one”, it’s a printer, scanner and copier. Also includes a wireless feature, so as long as you are connected to the internet it’s possible to print photos, papers and other documents from any where. This includes the ability to print from mobile devices.

Three ways to print from any where:

  • Email the printer
  • Google Cloud services
  • Mobile Apps; the AirPrint app for Apple mobile devices and HP ePrint for Android

This should will be covered in the manual, you can also find additional help online.

Complaints or Drawbacks

As we mentioned at the top of the page this model is for the home. This is not a good choice for an office or business setting where time and efficiency are a priority.

Overall, customers give this model a decent rating, averaging about a 3.5 out of 5 stars on the many different vendor websites that record these ratings. This is a decent rating but realize the rating is relative to it’s price point. The quality of a sub-$100 printer with a 3.5 star rating isn’t equal to a $300 printing with a 3.5 star rating

Reading through the complaints, we do read more than a few customers stating difficulties using/setting-up the wireless connection. We didn’t experience this problem so we can not to say whether this complaint is user error or a quality control issue at HP.


We are definitely not promoting this as one of the best printers you can buy in 2015-2016. The HP Envy 5530 e all one printer is not a top-end or even mid-end model.

This is an inexpensive low-end model. You should be able to pick one of these up for under $100.

Don’t take it the wrong way: Calling it low-end and inexpensive, doesn’t mean it holds no value. Although it’s slow, the quality of what it does print is above average.

We would rate it’s ability in scanning below average but where it does shine is the quality of color photos.

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