iCodis CB-400 mini projector what makes it so portable?

by Jane on June 29, 2017

What makes the iCodis CB-400 mini projector such a good choice for people looking to buy a truly portable projector?

In recent years projectors have become smaller and smaller. They have not become quite as small as your smartphone but small and lightweight enough to easily allow you to carry in one hand.

Dimensions of the iCodis CB-400: 7 x 1.2 x 5.6 – inches and weighs 1.3 pounds.

Portable is more than size

If you think about the dimensions and weight list above these might not be as small as your smartphone but still fairly minuscule. But you know what? There are even smaller projectors on the market you could buy instead of this one.

However, when it comes to portability, being able to easily take it (and use it) anywhere, should you look at more than only the dimensions and weight of the model?

This depends on each individual’s intended use.

But if you are currently planning to buy a small, lightweight (portable) projector then it is worth mentioning built-in batteries. Some models have these while others do not.

The iCodis CB-400 mini projector is one of the models that does include a built-in battery. In fact, compared to what is currently on the market in 2017 it provides one of the better most powerful options for a built-in battery.  one of the Build-in Battery: A 10000mAh big battery, which provides 3 hours play time.

Another PRO about buying this model is the connectivity it provides. Through the HDMI, dual USB, VGA and also running on the Android OS, these options in connectivity will allow the user to virtually connect to any external device, as well as, any content streaming service

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