Image quality and resolution of Epson Home Cinema 1040 projector

by Jane on September 17, 2016

We receive many individual questions about projectors. The following is our answer to a question we received about the image resolution on the Epson Home Cinema 1040 projector. Is it high definition resolution and how would you rate the image quality?


Is it a good image?

Image resolution is a very important property but there are also other attributes which play a role such as: brightness, color levels and contrast.

If you want answers to how the Epson 1040 rates in these different areas or would like to see other reviews where we compare this model to other models close in price, you can find the answers here.

The Epson 1040 is a 1080p resolution projector.

While higher display resolutions do exist in technology (see here in the Wikipedia image), for all intents and purposes (at least in 2016), 1080p is considered high definition when it comes to home movie projectors. It is also currently the most commonly seen/used high definition used in other devices such as: HDTV, desktop monitors, laptops, BluRay, DVD, etc, etc.

Yes, there are 4K projectors which are higher in resolution.

These 4K’s are fairly new to the market. It’s up to you, but we currently would  not recommend buying this type of model, just yet, for a couple reasons. For one, they are currently ultra-expensive. Another reason we wouldn’t recommend buying this higher resolution is because there currently is not a lot of 4K content which you would be able to play at this level.

Although the amount of 4K content available to play is increasing, currently the highest resolution the vast majority of movies, games, content streaming are formatted at is 1080p resolution.

So in other words, just because you own a 4K projector doesn’t mean you will be able to view 4K. The content you are playing needs to also be formatted to this level of resolution in order to experience 4K. The projector itself can not increase the formatting.

If you have looked at the image provided from Wikipedia, you may also wonder about the resolutions located between 1080 and 4K. These that are higher than 1080 but lower than 4K. What about these?

Basically, this come down to economics. For whatever reason 1080p resolution was choose to be the popular high definition resolution used. Not to say these others are not used for anything. But from an economic sense it wouldn’t make much sense for companies to design and build their projectors to play at these higher resolutions when the content available (movies, games, streaming) was not formatted to play at these higher levels.

The next chosen format is 4K, as we mentioned.

What is image resolution

If you read over the product description or specifications for the Epson 1040 Home Cinema projector you will eventually come to a section with information on the resolution.

For this projector it will read something like 1080p (1920 x 1080).

This refers to the number of pixels used to make up the image which will be projected. The more pixels used the higher detailed the image will appear.

What does 1920 x 1080 mean? These numbers these are the number of vertical and horizontal lines used to make up the image 1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels (this is what the Epson Home Cinema 1040 projector uses).

The 4K or 3840 x 2160 projectors we have mentioned would have 8,294,400 pixels.

The more pixels used to create an image results in a higher quality image.

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