Is the Meyoung Portable Projector a waste of money

by Jane on September 1, 2017

After reading more than few positive reviews on the Meyoung Portable Projector and since the price was very affordable we decided it couldn’t hurt to check this model out for ourselves then share our opinion on how this budget performed. If you are wondering if this is a good choice for you, as we mentioned, there are a lot of positive reviews written on this model so our goal here is to establish the truth based on our experience.

Our opinion comes after using it to watch a few movies, playing a multitude of different PS4 games and using it to stream content on our Roku player. Furthermore, since this projector is marketed as a good choice for outdoor movies we also set it up outside to check out how it performs in this environment.

Also, we will give provide our opinion on whether or not there are better options in this price range.

Is it the best in the price range?

Note. There are many projectors on the market priced similar to the Meyoung portable projector. We are currently testing and reviewing many of these different choices. Are goal is to find the model offering the best overall value but also find the best choice for specific uses such as: home movies, gaming and school and business presentations.

Find out which models we believe provide the best value for the money.

Review of the Meyoung Portable Projector

How does it look playing movies? First, we want to mention image (or screen) size, finding the best image size to project in your room environment will be a huge factor in determining the quality of the image. The specifications of this portable projector inform us this model can produce an image between 50 and 130 inches with a 1.4:1 throw ratio.

Of course, most people will want to view movies on the largest image (130 inch) possible. But with any projector, as you push the image size to the max you will also begin to experience degradation of the image quality.

When testing this model in our very, very dark basement projecting the image onto a wall painted white we concluded for best image clarity, colors and contrast the 130 inch maximum needs to be sized down. Our test results have an image size between 90-100 inches showed the best results.

If you are a person who wants to project 130 inch maximum it is possible a high definition movie screen would help you do this without experiencing significant loss of image sharpness and clarity which we experienced when projecting our image onto a plain basement wall.

The next specification we want to discuss is resolution. This might be the most important thing to mention. Everyone wants to watch movies at the highest resolution. Online, we have heard inaccurate claims on the resolution level this model provides. We have heard many claiming this Meyoung projector provides 1080p resolution. This is incorrect.

The native resolution of this projector is 800 x 480. This is quite a bit lower than 1080p resolution. If you have read the product description of this model you will see 1080p mentioned. What it means is you can connect a 1080p external device like a blu-ray player or stream 1080p content and the SIGNAL will be accepted and the projector will be able to project the image but the image will be projected at the lower native 800 x 480 resolution.

Budget projectors with higher resolution

Outdoor movie night

Using it outdoors, is it bright enough? Rated at 1200 lumens of brightness, this isn’t the best specifications for outdoors. However, we will say brightness levels on paper do not always match brightness when used.

We have experienced countless times when a company claimed their projector was sufficiently bright, however, when taken out of the box and plugged in the brightness fell short to what the specifications claimed. The opposite has also occurred as well, a company provides a low brightness rating in the specification but the projector outperform this rating.

From our experience, using the the Meyoung portable projector outdoors while its not ultra bright it definitely can do the job when the sun drops and its dark. Meaning start your movies after dusk.

Bottom Line

The single biggest negative on the Meyoung portable projector is the low (800 x 480) resolution. We would recommend buying a projector with at least a 720p level of resolution. The problem with this, resolution is one of the single largest price drivers. So, if you are a person trying to buy the cheapest model possible…

Good NEWS!! We are trying to put together a list of the cheapest 720p resolution models.

Connectivity is biggest positive this model offers. It has all the ports (HDMI, USB) you need to plug in any external device. Whether it be a gaming console like the PS4, a content player like a blu-ray or DVD or a streaming device like ROKU. You will also be able to connect PC, laptop or mirror your iPhone screen.

The one usage we definitely would not recommend it for, school or business PowerPoint presentations. As it does not show text well on-screen.

So is the Meyoung portable projector worth buying? Yes and No. While it will provide the user the ability to view movies,and play games on a 100 inch screen and to connect to pretty much any external device this is also a very inexpensive projector with limited resolution. However, if high definition resolution is one of your top needs then this is definitely not the right choice for you. Furthermore, if you have came across anything online claiming this projector is high 1080p resolution the claims are either purposely misleading or honestly inaccurate. The native resolution is the lower 800 x 480.

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